June 23, 2024

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BBVA Megatendencias Tecnología appears among the most comparable funds

BBVA Megatendencias Tecnología appears among the most comparable funds

Index funds and cash funds continue to attract investors’ attention week after week since central banks began raising interest rates. These investment vehicles are usually found between… Products most used by Finect users in it Compare mutual funds page in the past seven days.

But these two types of investment products are not the only ones Technology boxes They also attracted the attention of users and appeared frequently in this weekly ranking. This is what happened on this occasion The re-emergence of the Popular Investment Fund BBVA Big Tech (ISBN: ES0147711032) after two weeks of absence.

In addition to this BBVA investment vehicle, the ranking included four other products that are usually very frequent in the rankings. These are investment funds Fidelity Standard & Poor’s 500 Index Fund (ISBN: IE00BYX5MX67), and MSCI World Fidelity Index (ISBN: IE00BYX5NX33), Vanguard Global Equity Index Fund (ISBN: IE00B03HD191) and Groupama Treasurerie (ISBN: FR0000989626),

These were the five most comparable mutual funds last week:

Technology Fund BBVA Asset Management It was ranked as the fifth most compared product over the past week, A position he already held at the beginning of the month. It is an international variable income fund that invests in securities issued by technology and communications companies.. This product Its profitability stands at 13.34% so far in 2024 (until May 22). Annual gains have been 17.82% in the past five years.

This fund is a manager’s index Fidelity International It reaffirmed its position as the fourth most compared product over the past week. This car is intended for investment Simulating the behavior of the S&P 500 index, which includes the 500 largest publicly traded companies in the United States. Its profitability stands at 12.03% so far in 2024 (as of May 24). More in the long term, It achieves annual profits of 13.05% over five years.

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the boss Fidelity International He managed to place another mutual fund in the weekly rankings. This investment vehicle follows the MSCI World Index, which includes companies from the world’s major developed countries. This product achieves a revaluation of 12.03% in 2024 (as of May 24). The long-term, It achieves annual returns of 13.05% over five years.

Popular index fund Vanguard On this occasion, it has not regained its lead as the most comparable fund in the past seven days. This investment vehicle achieves profits of 12.05% in 2024 (until May 24). In five years, The annual return is 13%.

This cash box is from the French manager Groupama Asset ManagementR It reaffirmed its position as the most comparable investment fund last week. This product attempts to achieve a return slightly higher than money market rates. Investing in fixed income and monetary instruments from OECD member countries that are considered to have high credit quality. It achieves a profitability of 1.67% during the year 2024 (until May 23). If you look back, It achieves an annual gain of 0.83% over 5 years.

This content has been prepared in accordance with editorial standards and does not constitute an investment recommendation or suggestion. Investing contains risks. Past returns do not guarantee future returns.