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A trick to hide chats and other secrets

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Imagine that you are having a conversation that you want to hide from the prying eyes of those around you. Now add to that you can’t lock your cell phone with a password because that would look suspicious, because you’re an “open book.” You also don’t want to put a private password on WhatsApp because it will look like you’re hiding something. You just want to have a hidden conversation, period.

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If this has happened to you or you are in this situation, WhatsApp has heard your pleas and created a tool to hide messages with a secret code that you can modify as desired.

How to hide chats in WhatsApp with its new update?

In the chat you want to hide, you must swipe left or tap on the conversation until you see other options to mute, contact information, flag chat, and block chat.

You should click on this last option and it will say that from that moment on that chat will remain blocked and hidden. Then you are asked to enter a password to open the chat.

After activating the option, a tab will appear that says Blocked Chats, which will also look strange, so you must click on the place that says Blocked Chats and then go to Settings and activate the option to hide with a secret code. And that’s it, so it won’t look like you’ve blocked or hidden chats.

However, keep in mind that this option is only effective on mobile phones, as chats appear on other linked devices, such as your computer. So remember that if you are going to activate this option, you must not have devices linked to your account.

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What other new features does WhatsApp bring in its update?

WhatsApp coming soon It will run out On the app’s keyboard, access Meta’s AI where you can ask questions about the chats you have on your WhatsApp, such as, for example, “Find the part where I told my wife I went for balls” or “Archive” all chats containing The word “work”.

You can also ask them to write letters of apology or condolences to you. It will also give you suggestions for people you should write to each day, such as: “Remember to say hello to your spouse on Mother’s Day” or “Remember to call a sick family member.”

In addition, the Meta Intelligence will be able to create images with just one command, as is the case with Dali’s AI, and will also have the option to create videos up to five seconds long. This tool is currently available in English for Australia, Canada, Ghana, Jamaica, Malawi, New Zealand, Nigeria, Pakistan, Singapore, South Africa, Uganda, Zambia and Zimbabwe, but will be available worldwide at the end of June.

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