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Mario Arteaga says Ricardo Pepe has the quality to surpass Pulisic as the standard in the US

Mario Arteaga says Ricardo Pepe has the quality to surpass Pulisic as the standard in the US

Mario Arteaga discovered Ricardo Pepe on a tour of FC Dallas in the Central African Republic and from there saw the conditions that enabled him to become a personality in the United States

Mexican-American striker to MLS FC Dallas, Ricardo Pepe, has enough quality to outsmart his compatriot and also the battering ram, Christian PulisicHe plays for Chelsea in the English Premier League.

Prior to the duel between El Tree and the United States in the World Cup qualifying round, the former coach of baby In the national under-16 team MexicoAnd Mario Arteaga, who was the discoverer of the tricolor two years ago, said:baby He shows better things than himpolisicAt this moment, that is why I dare say that he will be a character, because despite his young age, he is distinguished.”

“I met polisicIt was Class 98. We played against them on par with the U-17 team I brought in. He showed himself, he was a good player, but as he was a good player, here we had four of the same style, and they are good players. however, polisic He was growing and he was growing and he is now a character at Chelsea.”

baby He will be a soccer personality United State, because he has latino characteristics that hurt him a lot, or not like an American football player. What happens is that the American player is no better than the Mexican. However, he has many possibilities to go to Europe, because even the club is offering it to him at the time of signing. ”

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“The US national team, I imagine they should have agreements with many teams. I imagine they are saying to them: ‘Sign with us, you’re going for 17th and 20th, and I’ll put you in Europe’ They are looking for the opportunity, something that doesn’t happen in Mexico; On the contrary, here they rank you high because if they bought from you, it was an economic benefit, not a sporting one.”

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“I brought baby For the first time to choose. He was a regular player, although he has interesting things and I bring him up with the U-16s. Dallas came to play a few games with us and then the same team faced the Guadalajara teams, and I watched them there as well.”

baby He’s technical, skilled, strong, you do a very good job with your head, and as a center front, he sets really well. Those points I mention to you, for one player it is enough to stand out from the others. another can be skilled, but not score goals, Antona’s case; Someone else can be a scorer, but he has neither the mobility nor the dynamics. ”

“He’s so strong and fast, one of those tricky guys. They’re ‘crazy’ guys, but on and off the field; not just off the field. They’re guys who give themselves 100 percent and solve a game for you, he had such a strong personality, he fought with everyone; he didn’t It wasn’t because he was a fighter, but he didn’t let himself go.”

“So I loved baby I asked to be summoned, so they brought him, and I had two concentrations.”

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I remembered Mario Arteaga by Ricardo Pepe, who is barely 18 years old and has a great future ahead of him, was not of an ideal weight when he met him.

He was half ‘full.’ I talked to him and said, ‘You have to stop eating, focus on this, do this.’ “And the man, very obedient, did what we told him. But he came voluntarily, quite. He spoke to me and told me not to stop calling him.”

However, over time. baby He no longer wants to communicate with El Tri, because he no longer directs her.

“Later, I no longer brought that choice and they told me, ‘He doesn’t want to come anymore.’ baby‘…and one day I met him in the Central African Republic, since he came to play, but he was already 18 years old and I said to him: ‘What happened to the taxi…, you don’t want to come anymore?’ ‘…’ No Provis, if you’re not here anymore, why not? “.

That is, explained Artiga That his job was to give confidence to young people as coach in the national teams: “It’s not that you teach them things, it makes them feel confident. I suppose that before they become players, they are people, and that’s how you should treat them, they are at a stage where they are still in their training, They are young and you have to guide them and treat them well.”

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