December 4, 2021

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Nation/Health reported 54 new infections

Nation/Health reported 54 new infections

The General Directorate of Health Surveillance reported that the forecasts anticipate a re-outbreak scenario with a tendency to increase cases due to COVID-19, in the remainder of the year. 6 deaths recorded yesterday were not vaccinated.

90% of patients in the intensive care unit (ICU) have not applied any dose against the coronavirus, the Alto Paraná department requires special attention to the spread of delta variable, given the proximity to Brazil.

During an interview on the Fuego Cruzado program, broadcast by the public channel, Hernán Martinez, Deputy Minister of Universal Health Care and Social Welfare, said, “Regardless of our concern, we are dealing with this situation and instructions have been given to the various areas of health so that all available logistical and human resources are used to be Able to get close to people. We’ve had a completely positive response, reaching homes and faraway places.”

In this sense, he commented that 80% of the citizens said that they did not go for vaccination against the virus due to the distance and the impossibility of time when they miss their jobs.

“In urban areas, the strategy is to establish ourselves in the media, in supermarkets, in major malls, and we will continue to do so. The age range has been reduced to vaccinate boys, among other strategies that will certainly be announced during the week,” he said.

The official in the state indicated that the idea is that “the current situation of the unvaccinated can be confronted, describing the fact as” a painful truth. “We have 70% of people died without vaccines (in the common rooms) which clearly shows that vaccines prevent dangerous forms of the disease,” he said. .

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Hernan Martinez, Deputy Minister of Universal Health and Social Care. Photo: Nadia Monges.

Regarding the delta variable, he commented that the Alto Parana already has a community circulation and that the parameter at which regrowth or increase begins is in the boundary region.

It was the first circuit to see an explosion of cases, and Asuncion and Central later followed. The delta variant is what today mostly causes this type of infection and what we’re seeing is that people seem to have lost their fear. Commenting on this, there was laxity and, above all, the failure to use all sanitary measures and the failure to adhere to vaccinations.

Meanwhile, he commented that Kagwazu Province is one of the areas where significant outbreaks are being recorded. “The vaccination coverage in this place was very low, the same is happening in certain areas of the interior, we are not even talking about remote areas, but almost urban areas, where there is transportation, where there is no isolation. Certainly there are cases in urban areas more than Inland areas He explained that this phenomenon occurs because the largest gatherings occur in urban areas.

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On the other hand, the doctor noted that from public health, they insisted on reaching 80% of vaccinations by the end of the year. “When you have a goal that you want to achieve, you have to believe that you will reach that goal, which is why many goals have been changed to achieve that goal, and opinions will continue to be heard,” he said.

On the other hand, he added that the issue of the end-of-year leave is being carefully evaluated by public health and other state institutions, as many people will resort to domestic tourism, given the demands of certain countries to enter.

“We are seeing and we will work with Senatur on the issue of hotels in the interior of the country, and that the incentive, for example, that the hotel will give a discount to people who present their vaccination card, then they will have some kind of discount, there will be some kind of promotions.”

On the other hand, Martinez referred to the bill introduced by Congressman Hugo Ramirez, of the Colorado Party, to separate vaccinated from unvaccinated people in some public places.

“All those alternatives that make people change their decision to vaccinate a little at this time are valid. For example, what happened to smokers at that time, even the area designated for them has disappeared, but I am more convinced that the vaccine is the alternative to avoid dangerous forms of the disease.”

He added that the discussion about the proposal would be interesting, even if there were detractors and people in favor. “In the world they are already being adopted, I have even seen news from other countries that require their officials to be vaccinated or else they will be fired. It is rather harsh situations, but if you think as a business owner, it is convenient for me that everyone is vaccinated.”

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