December 4, 2021

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"What Point Did Pitbull Christian Bale Become?": The Long-Haired Photo That Made Networks Explode and Unleashed Memes

“What Point Did Pitbull Christian Bale Become?”: The Long-Haired Photo That Made Networks Explode and Unleashed Memes

In the photo, American rapper Pitbull. EFE / Nina Brommer / Archive

All Pitbull fans know that since his beginnings in music, the singer has always had his head shaved, and that’s his trademark.

In addition, in social networks, a significant part of his posts refer to his physical image, since many – many also consider him one of the most attractive personalities in music in the world, and this is largely due to his image. Skinhead. That is why it would be very strange to see a stage when the artist suddenly appears with a radical change in his appearance.

Well, this is what happened to the music producer: in the last hours, the image of the master was. All over the world with long hair, a fact never seen before. And, as expected, the memes didn’t wait.

Most popular on this platform has been comparisons of the composer’s “new” look to a pitbull with a different colored wig, making an analogy to a “hairy pitbull” and what many imagine.

It has also not escaped comparisons with various characters in the entertainment world, and has even linked it to many Hollywood celebrities, such as actors Zac Efron and Christian Bale, who are remembered for making one of the most famous Batman adaptations of recent times in The Knight of the Lil’.

She didn’t wait for The Simpsons references, the classic when it comes to memes. The iconic scene was used when Homer mistook Carl Linney to refer to a pitbull with a dog of the same breed. Many users even said that this fact is very strange considering all the abnormal events that have occurred since 2020 with the arrival of the pandemic.

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It was this effect that made his hairy version more attractive to many, who linked him to the “beautiful” version of Squidward, a character from the animated series “SpongeBob SquarePants”.

Although the photo went viral on Twitter, it’s not real. It is located around a Modification Created by a fan of the artist who fulfilled his mission by striving to make the artist’s image popular. A little evidence of the originality can be seen on the singer’s social networks: his recent photos on Instagram show that he still maintains his soft and shaved head, preserving his essence and one of the main aesthetic icons that he possesses.

On the other hand, the island residents residing in the United States were not just a trend for this, but to support social causes along with other important public figures.

Leonardo DiCaprio, Camila Cabello and Armando Christian Perez himself – the first name of the product – have joined a campaign organized by the United Nations – the United Nations – to call on more than 120 leaders assembled in Glasgow during the Climate Change Conference (COP26) which has been urgently increased efforts to fight for The environment.

This initiative, titled ‘Here, Now’ (Here, Now), has taken place on social networks and there they are calling, through videos, for final compliance with the Paris Agreements around the world, as well as for the goals set there. The main goal was to make a global impact, reaching more than 600 million people in the countries from which they follow these celebrities.

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