May 16, 2022

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Martha Figueroa recalls Patty Chaboye's labor blockade: "They didn't give me a job because of it."

Martha Figueroa recalls Patty Chaboye’s labor blockade: “They didn’t give me a job because of it.”

Martha Figueroa said Patti Chaboye was “bad” with her (Photo: Quartoscuro)

Last year’s team sweating Celebrated 25 years of the premier show program in Azteca TVAnd for the meeting all the former conductors of the broadcast, which he commanded for a quarter of a century, were summoned Patty Chaboy.

characters like Ricardo Casares, Aurora Valle and Juan Jose Urigil who lived with existing members and reviewed the entertainment history and view the business information program.

Draw attention to that Martha Figueroa made a video call with the rest of the guests To remember your passage through facilities Azteca TV, after being part of the media office of the television station, watched the birth of the evening program.

Martha Figueroa and Patti Chaboye at Funtanendo (screenshot)
Martha Figueroa and Patti Chaboye at Funtanendo (screenshot)

This is the host now for the program Today It is known that after leaving the program He never had the best relationship with Patty Chaboy, so it was surprising to see her calling the celebration.

After smoothing the rough edges its appearance in sweating The journalist has not commented much on the subject, but now, in her appearance on the interview program of Mara Patricia Castaneda – Patti’s cousin – where Remember those years back, in the ’90s, when he was abused by veteran journalist Azteca TV.

Figueroa goes back to the years he met Chaboye Televisa, long ago create the sweatingAnd was in the production of the program Great AwardWhere both co-led by Raul Velasco. They formed a good friendship on the show and that was when Chaboye left at dawn Azteca TV, that Figueroa was unemployed, so she was invited to a new “job”.

For years, those who were great friends from Televisa have distanced themselves (Photo: Instagramfiguerolas/chapoypati)
For years, those who were great friends from Televisa have distanced themselves (Photo: Instagramfiguerolas/chapoypati)

“When you go to Azteca TVAnd I just had Alex (her son) and I was looking for a job. He invited me and I went to work as an information coordinator Then he was born sweating. We were very close friends and loved each other very much, but it happened as in couples, you love each other first and then you don’t, ”recalls the controversial journalist.

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Martha recounted that the differences and her annoyance with the successful program began When she was sent with Jose Ramon Fernandez’s team to the 1998 World Cup in France to cover color notes on the football field, but this foray was not liked by Patty, because she was afraid that Martha would ignore her work at sweating For adventure in the sports area.

“They knocked me out of the team and I’ll face Jose Ramon Fernandez ‘Los Protagonistas’ at the 1998 World Cup in France. When I got back, Patty told me, ‘You’ve done well and they’ll give you your own programme.'”

Martha and Juan Jose are currently hosting the show "Excuse me" In Unicable (Photo: Archive)
Martha and Juan Jose are currently hosting “With Permission” on Unicable (Image: Archive)

Jose Ramon from there said to me, “Aguas Figueroa, I already knew they would give you your neck when you arrived.” Then they said I left and stayed to send things to her sweating And I didn’t send, I just went to enjoy,” the current head of the program recalls Excuse me.

This is after he was kicked out sweating Figueroa couldn’t get a job so easily, a fact he credits with Patti Chaboye: “I was unemployed here and banned here. I had no work (…), Patty and I thundered and neither of us wanted to know anything about each other. Yes it was bad with me…I found out that they didn’t give me a job because of it or that I got a job and they took it from me because she said.”

He said that on one occasion Javier Alatori wanted him to work for his newsletter covering the wedding of the current kings of Spain, Felipe and Letizia, however, on Chapuy’s orders, this did not materialize. “I was happy and after a while, Javier said to me: ‘She won’t let you,’ and they told me you couldn’t. ‘Many things I said: ‘Hello,'” the journalist recalled.

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