August 15, 2022

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Marvel's Avengers includes experience accelerators via micropayments and community protests

Marvel’s Avengers includes experience accelerators via micropayments and community protests

marvel avengers, The video game from Crystal Dynamics And Square Enix based on popularity Franchise from marvelRecently added to your store in the game A series of consumables that allow Multiply and speed up progress of experience when completing challenges or defeating enemies. All this despite the fact that its managers have assured in the past that this kind of thing via small payments with real money will be limited to aesthetic side And that they will never affect the way the title is played.

The community against the new micropayment options

And so, after receiving news through forums redditThe gaming community has shown its dissatisfaction with this new measure, which finally They affect the game experience, which gives the possibility of accelerating their progress to those who spend real money instead of being limited to the cosmetics of the game characters.

One user says: “I will not support this game anymore”; For more evidence of what its makers have to say, others responded with an E3 2019 demo video for Marvel’s Avengers that said there won’t be any “.No loot chests, no random pay-to-win scenarios‘, something he ended up with in the end.

This new controversy over Marvel’s Avengers comes along with the game’s availability as part of index from Xbox Game Passand thus attempting to take advantage of the new wave of gamers who can engage with the game through Microsoft’s video-on-demand service. We’ll see if Square Enix responds to the community’s complaints after these new options arrive in the game.

Recently, Crystal Dynamics submitted a file road map Marvel’s Avengers with arrival Spider Man To the game mainly ClaimYes, only on PlayStation consoles, ie PS4 And PS5, as exclusive Sony content.

source | VGC

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