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The powerful American circuit has long suggested to the world’s best golfers the idea of ​​making radio broadcasts more attractive. The big TV networks thought it would be interesting to hear what players say during the official tour, how they regret when they miss a shot, and what they talk to the players. cansHow do they discuss preparing for the coup, and to be the ideal model They wore a microphone on their shirt. The stars refused. Neither of them wanted to spread the expletives that sometimes come from the mouth of a frustrated golfer. They thought there were enough microphones around, that they heard more than usual in the public vacuum of the epidemic –Justin Thomas, for example, lost his patronage from Ralph Lauren Last January, because after missing one injury, he shot himself abnormal, which can be translated as “fag” -.

Without access to this breach of privacy, the European circuit has exploited a more original formula. It involves interviewing the golfer during the same game, usually a par of five on the way from the tee to the second collision. In those hundreds of meters where the golfer is at a fast pace, the reporter walks parallel to the player with a long-stick microphone (you have to maintain a certain safety distance) and asks him some questions. Submitted for invention on Friday John Ram, During the second day of the Spanish Open, which ended with 12 under, ranked second for a blow from Dutchman Will Besling (-13).

As Ram set the pace, with two large rows of fans at his sides behind the ropes (9,765 people attended all day), he spoke of his feelings as he once again dragged a flood of thousands of fans in his wake: “Wonderful. I’ve seen my face everywhere in Madrid. They recognize me on the street, and now I understand that this is part of who I am.” That is, the number one in the world, the winner of the US Open. “I have won many amateur national championships, which is why winning the Spanish Open is special. Very much, for the cup is the same but larger.” And he asked him what the first thing he ate when he arrived in Spain, he did not hesitate: “Hamm. Although what my mother puts on my plate is fine.”

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Before and after that runaway interview, Ram gritted his teeth at the start of the round which wasn’t quite as cool as the day before. If Thursday started with six reduced strokes in the first eight holes (starting on day 10), this Friday has reduced the card in that section by one (starting with the first), with more trouble going down the lanes and less severe with the shot Green color. It may also be affected by playing in the afternoon, when the court is more difficult. Ram said: “I didn’t feel like I played badly, it’s true that I didn’t get the best. FeelingBut the result was not bad,” he expressed, returning 67 lashes, four strokes below par. He lost many passes, as on the fourth hole, when he went into the mud, and on 13, to a concrete road from which he could fall. From there he set The ball between the trees to land on the green area amid the applause A touch of imagination, a silk hand.

It was one of the many times fans took their cell phones for a walk to capture the moment of the hit. And there was Ram, armored on the return by four guards, who attracted attention. Number One explained after returning that he understood the huge expectations it generated, but on several occasions he felt distracted by the noise of phones when taking a photo, receiving a message, or even a call. Cases are very rare in other countries, but somewhat more frequent in a tournament like this where Ram Madness unleashed.

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9,765 people

In 1995, when Sifriano Ballesteros took his third and final victory at the Spanish Open (before he won in 1981 and 1985), Club de Campo Villa de Madrid scored about 40,000 followers throughout the tournament. It was the final blows from the genius of Cantabria, which John Ram had now replaced in a popular fervor with charisma and energy for 26 years.

At the 2018 Open Championships, held at the National Golf Center, about 50,000 fans witnessed their first Ram National Championship win. The following year, already at the country club, paying admission, a total of 30,000 people watched how the Basques defended the title.

In two days of this edition, the flow reached nearly 20,000, which indicates that during the weekend the highest records of the tournament will be surpassed in Spain. On Thursday there were 8,542 fans, and on Friday there were 9,765 people who paid the entrance fee. “You can tell people they want,” Ram said.

Ranking of the Spanish Open Championship.

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