June 21, 2024

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Masahiro Sakurai says he has no plans to retire from video games

Masahiro Sakurai says he has no plans to retire from video games

In a new conversation among the greats sakurari And Katsuhiro Harada, the questions have been somewhat smoldering, we recently shared quite a bit of what we saw and lived through during the interview with these video game monsters, but one of the things no one has run away from us that we all expected, know when Sakurai plans to retire from the world of video games.

The topic of the last video is both about retirement Katsuhiro Harada How do Masahiro Sakurai They are 51 years old, and the general population of Japan retires at 65 (they will soon rise to 70). Mr. Sakurai says in the interview that he plans to work as long as possible to please himself and fans.

Here you have everything the great teacher said Sakurai About your retirement: “Our generation believes a lot in always retiring at 60. So for example, if they’re 50, they tend to think they only have 10 years left. But you’re going to live after that too, so you have to keep working.

Life expectancy is increasing and the population is getting older, so contributing to society even after the age of 60, if possible, is, I think, something to think about no matter what work you do. If you can still do what you are good at and if there is demand, you can. If not, you can change what you’re doing.

For example, Harada-san and I were doing things that others didn’t, so I guess there will always be a demand in some way. I’ll call it “art” though. If no one likes your art and there is no demand, you can think about what to do. However, I also think that when it’s over for me, I can’t do anything about it.

Making games is really hard. I can’t count the number of times I thought I wanted to quit. I looked at the questions we get on Twitter and a lot of people asked what kind of game I want to do. There’s no game I want to make…that’s what I’d say, but basically games are more fun to play than to make, guys. Even if you work hard to make one, sometimes it can bother you, things don’t go well, and a lot of setbacks can occur.

It could also mean that you’re shortening your life to playing games. It’s really hard as a thorny road. You have to think about competing with others because it is a competition. You have to fight and survive, so… that way, I don’t think I can choose when I’m going to retire. However, I also think that you should work as long as possible. I think that’s the point. If your heart is broken, you can quit, but if it doesn’t and there is demand, you can continue to do so forever. that what I think “.