August 14, 2022

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Masks make people more attractive according to a study - science - life

Masks make people more attractive according to a study – science – life

A recent study by British researchers in Cardiff University, In Wales, wearing a mask may make some people more physically attractive.

Even the attraction will be greater for those who use face masks. surgical.

As it was mentioned Michael LewisA researcher at the institution told the British outlets The Guardian, that people’s perception would have changed completely during the last year of the epidemic, because in an investigation conducted before the arrival of the Corona virus, it was clear that people believed that the use of face masks detracted from beauty.

We wanted to test whether this had changed since face coverings became so ubiquitous and to understand if mask type had any effect. “ Lewis told the broker mentioned above.

Apparently, the continued and mandatory use of this biosafety ingredient would have made it no longer associated with people suffering from some “disease or illness”, as was proven in the previous study.

The results contradict pre-pandemic research

Now, according to recent research, surgical mask is more relevant to individuals doctorWhich conveys calm and security among the members of society.

“The findings are at odds with pre-pandemic research in which masks were thought to make people think they were sick and that the person should be avoided,”
The psychiatrist explained to The Guardian.

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Additionally, to explain the fact, he commented: This may be because we used to wear blue masks by health care workers and now associate them with people in the care professions or medicine. While we are feeling vulnerable, we may feel reassured by wearing medical masks and therefore feel more positive about the wearer.”

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How did the study come about?

To determine how much the population’s perception of mask use has changed since the beginning of the pandemic, researchers asked 43 women to analyze faces in photos of men without masks and compare them to those who wore surgical masks. MonitorAnd or hold a the book that covered his nose and mouth.

To determine its attractiveness, volunteers were asked you will qualify Image subjects on a scale of one to ten.

This method resulted in the most attractive being those who wore face masks. surgicalThey were followed by those who wore a cloth mask, and in the last place those who did not wear a mask and those who covered their faces with a book.

This research was also conducted with male volunteers who evaluated pictures of women, and according to researcher Lewis, the results were similar.

It should be noted that the sexual orientation of anyone who participated as a volunteer was not taken into account.

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Why did the perception change?

Apparently, the continued use of face masks and the COVID-19 crisis have affected psychology of people, causing them to stop associating these items with people with serious illnesses.

“When we see someone wearing a mask we don’t think ‘this person has a disease, I need to get away’ (…). This is about evolutionary psychology and why we choose the partners we choose. Disease and disease evidence may play an important role in partner selection; in Previously, any sign of illness would be a huge turnout,” Explain the psychologist in the aforementioned broker.

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In contrast, another reason that makes the mask more attractive is that by covering the nose and lips, the attention of those who look at us is focused on eyes, which generates a greater effect when connected.

Additionally, not being able to observe a part of another person’s face would create greater expectations about their beauty, because the brain tends to fill in the spaces it can’t see.

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