June 21, 2024

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Massive Attack proposes a plan for a more sustainable tour

Massive Attack proposes a plan for a more sustainable tour

Massive Attack is quite a bandleader Committed to combating climate change. As part of this concern, the British formation a few years ago presented its final round data to experts from the University of Manchester and The results of these studies have been published in the entertainment sector with the aim of creating a more sustainable industry.

Since 2019, Researchers at the Tyndale Center for Climate Change Research used this information to come up with a plan for the entire music scene. Its proposals target musicians, directors, tour producers, agents and directors. Among these measures are ideas such as that tourist routes should be organized in such a way that travel, transport and duration costs can be reduced.

Party Producers It should use sustainable energy sources, such as solar panels. In the same way, Lighting and sound equipment must be energy efficient. It is further suggested that Artists should avoid using private planes, electric cars and railways. In turn, it is proposed to reward fans who travel by public transport.

massive attack. Photo: Prensa Massive Attack.

Knowing the results of this study, Robert Del Naga, the leader of the aforementioned band, stated that the ideal would be for all members of the musical class to adopt these guidelines in order to avoid the “human red code”. With these statements, the 56-year-old artist referred to a recent United Nations investigation into climate change, in which he issued a worrying warning to humanity regarding the progress of global warming.

A few months ago, we reported on it Supreme presented their Massive Attack inspired collection. Weeks ago, we also included a clip from this band in our list 5 Movies Inspired Videos.

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