January 17, 2022

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Massy Rodriguez, the broadcast player who beat eBay Janos overnight

Massy Rodriguez, the broadcast player who beat eBay Janos overnight

One of the best aspects of Twitch! Virtually anyone in the world can run streaming and achieve success and/or fame. In this case The protagonist is Massy Rodriguez, who touched the ceiling of the purple podium last Monday January 3, 2021.

Mara Isabel is professionally dedicated to dubbing and voiceover, and large numbers of spectators have been able to greatly enjoy her voice in Show series “14 days” as in Development of “Between Games”, the streaming version of the game Squid. The Twitch channel was created in June 2018, under a bio that hides a promise: “Hey, I’m Massey. I still don’t know what to do here. One day I’ll do some directing.”.

Nearly 40,000 people attended the first live show of Massy Rodriguez

It’s no joke. Massy Rodriguez outperformed eBay Janos in numbers during his debut on Twitch. Mara Isabel has continuously gathered more than 36,000 people on the purple stage, while the Basque streamer started the afternoon with “barely” 30 thousand, although over the hours it rose to the usual 70 thousand, playing Clash Royale.

Massey starred in stunning moments during the multi-hour broadcast, in which Innocence was the main asset and IlloJuan dedicated himself to making star appearances. New streamers (if such a concept exists) were constantly hunted by followers, in a game that Mara Isabel had nothing but laughter and good behavior. pure natural In Massey, one of those gifts that cannot be learned…

One of the keys to Masi Rodríguez’s success is undoubtedly his current relationship with IlloJuan, one of the most popular live broadcasters in Spanish society. but nevertheless, The broadcaster, singer and actress already has a YouTube channel where she uploads most of the songs, as well as some miscellaneous videosHe relies mostly on humor, although he also answers the questions of his followers.

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Massy Rodriguez, promising content creator

It should be noted that Prior to live broadcasting on Twitch, the “Masi” YouTube channel had a relatively large number of followers (over 130 thousand unique users), and his appearance on both social networks and various channels has always been welcomed by the public.

Hence followers’ always insistence that he finally dared to perform a live show on his own, after appearing many, many times in LMDShow streams.. In fact, the romantic relationship that Masi Rodríguez and IlloJuan consistently maintain as idyllic on social networks, under those vulgar messages of “relationship goals” and other similar (unintelligible) pastries.