August 17, 2022

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Toyota topples Volkswagen in the Argentine market, a position it occupied for 16 years |  America

Toyota topples Volkswagen in the Argentine market, a position it occupied for 16 years | America

Toyota automaker finished 2021 as the brand with the highest number of sales in the Argentine market, which allowed it to reach a share of 20.7%, and removed Volkswagen from the podium, which held this place for 16 continuous years.

However, the good performance of the plant where its industrial plant is located in the city of Zarate in Buenos Aires, Buenos Aires Province, did not allow it to win the best-selling car 0 km of the year, which passed into the hands of Fiat Cronos is produced in the province of Cordoba, to replace Toyota Hilux Pickup Shop.

This is evidenced by the report of the Automobile Franchise Association (ACARA), which highlights that this year’s five best-selling cars were of national production, and three of them were minivans.

In 2021, Volkswagen lost the lead after 16 continuous years. In 2009, the largest difference was taken from the second, at the time, General Motors with a 6.2% lower share in total patents.

In 2019, Toyota achieved second place in the Argentine market and finally in 2021 the leadership.

This year’s patent level closed with a total of 381,777 units in Argentina, an increase of 11.5% compared to 2020

Another piece of information that emerged from Acara’s analysis is the evolution of sales by vehicle origin: 50% left national stations compared to 35% in 2020; While the Brazilians accounted for 41%, compared to the previous 56%.

In terms of brand performance, Toyota won over the Argentines by achieving sales of 73,567 vehicles, or 20.7% of the total annual market, which allowed it to displace Volkswagen as the best seller in the market.

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Volkswagen specifically came in second place with 55,457 units (15.6%), followed by Fiat with 50,377 vehicles (14.2%) to complete the podium in the top three.

The tenth place was occupied by Renault (9.9%), Ford (8.2%), Chevrolet (7.7%), Peugeot (7.6%), Nissan (4.4%), Citroen (3, 5%), and Jeep (3.2%).

Finally, in terms of the best-selling models in the country, the Fiat Cronos with 37,449 units sold and a market share of 10.5%, achieved the leadership by replacing the Toyota Hilux pickup, which means that one in every 10 cars sold in 2021 was a sedan produced in Cordoba. .

Toyota Pickup took second place with 27,128 units (7.6%), and Volkswagen Amarok Pickup took third place with 18,682 units (5.3%).

Then the Peugeot 208 (4.4%) that is produced at the El Palomar industrial plant, the Ford Ranger pickup truck (4.2%) leaving the General Pacheco station, followed by Toyota Etios (4%), Toyota Yaris (3.3%), Toyota Corolla ( 2.6%), Chevrolet Onyx (2.5%), Chevrolet Cruze (2.4%), Renault Kangoo 2 (2, 4%) and Renault Sandero (2.3%).

Finally, in the heavy commercial vehicle segment, the top brands in 2021 were Mercedes-Benz with a market share of 39.1%, Iveco (28.1%), Scania (10.6%), Volkswagen (8%)), Volvo (5.6%) and Agrill ( 4.9%) on the remainder that is fragmented less than 0.2% of the element.