June 23, 2024

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MasterChef Celebrity Mexico: He is the tenth to be expelled from the competition

MasterChef Celebrity Mexico: He is the tenth to be expelled from the competition

Raul Sandoval became the tenth to be eliminated. (Image: YouTube Master Chef Mexico screenshot)

Masterchef Celebrity is approaching its final weeks, with this tenth episode shaping the course of the reality show, with the celebrities who are part of the show already being chosen. Top ten for this season.

The celebrities faced the first unexpected challenge, as on this occasion they received the “Double Mystery Box”, a challenge that tested their skills and creativity in the kitchen as the ingredients were assigned to them according to their decision. The first winner of the night to go straight to the balcony was Javanese.

The next creative challenge was in pairs, where there has also been controversy ever since Laura Bozo and Verka They had another confrontation when they fought because they both wanted to cook with Lizzie. Finally the singer and Fernanda Quirós worked together and won the competition.

In the Elimination Challenge, six chefs wore the black apron: Ernesto, Raul, Laura Pozo, Rey Grubero, Paco de Miguel, Harold, Natalia, and Rossana Najera. In the final competition, the chefs had to prepare a dinner and dessert party to battle for their place in the top ten on the reality show.

The top 10 chefs were selected in MasterChef Celebrity 2024. (@MasterChefMx)

Raul Sandoval was the one who was evicted from the night and would have missed out on the opportunity to be part of the best chefs of the most famous cuisine in Mexico this season. However, the singer admitted that he did not feel sad about his departure, but on the contrary, he was happy because he gained a lot from that experience.

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“I wanted to keep going, I was learning a lot, and I admire a lot of people here. (…) I’m honest I couldn’t even imagine getting to the second program. “I’ve come too far,” he said.

“I always did my best, and I never wanted for anything. I always stuck to it with all my energy and did my best. I always wanted everything to be worth it.”

Tonight’s preparations were inspired by a dinner party. (Screenshot of YouTube MasterChef Celebrity 2024)

These are the MasterChef México 2024 participants who continue to compete and are part of the Top 10:

  • Jawi Mendes – Influencer
  • Laura Puzo – TV presenter
  • Lizzie – singer
  • Rossana Najera – actress
  • Rey Grobero – influential
  • Natalia Subtil – model and influencer
  • Paco de Miguel – Influential
  • Ernesto Cazares – athlete
  • Farka – actress and TV presenter
  • Harold Azuara – actor