August 14, 2022

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Mauricio Isla's debut with Universidad Católica: plays, assists, videos, passes, numbers, data and statistics

Mauricio Isla’s debut with Universidad Católica: plays, assists, videos, passes, numbers, data and statistics

El Huaso broke it in his first submission as a crusader after making all the bottoms in San Carlos.

Mauritius Island He put in a great match against Unión San Felipe that shows the tremendous level of Brazilian football that you have achieved. In his debut in the sector, the club that formed him and from where he left for Europe (where he stayed for a decade and a half), managed to sweep it away. And it’s not because his rival didn’t put up with so much resistance: he pulled the rabbit out of the hat by combining his explosiveness and verticality to always make himself feel.

Kato formation with the island: variants

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On a full day of Isla, as is his custom, he directly affected the goals scored, as he, along with Zampedri and Fuenzalida, made the 1-0 move – by Marcelino Núñez – and assisted the last ball with an aerial pass to Al Shabab that intrigued everyone. University of California scientist. The captain bypassed the right side of Isla giving more liberties to captain Chapa and also climbed to the bottom on the second shriek of the day, the same he combined with the maximum reference who got a pass between the lines like a wing to make contact with Diego. Valencia, who shot directly into the net.

In that inspiring right hand, the drop that ended in hitting Marcelino as a winger would have been born (at Isla’s feet), all injured by his La Roja teammate and at the club, and with Valencia running him over again. El Huaso got off the plane, signed his contract and swept the Sanfelipeños team without overdoing it and showing touches of quality that he hopes to replicate in the toughest challenges for a UC that renews its dreams with a winger who knew how to go around the clock and win everything until you come home.



  • Challenging comeback: “It’s emotional to be back home. Most Chileans know I’ve had beautiful moments in Cattolica since I was nine. I’m happy. The victory was important and we know that Thursday is a very important game because of the Catholics’ dream to keep progressing in the South American Cup
  • Quick adaptation: “I was out of work for three or four days but I work with the team for two or three and the idea is to get to know them and for them to get to know me”
  • Partnership with Fuenzalida: “I know how Chapa plays. Apart from being a captain, he is a leader both on and off the field. We know each other a lot but we are also here to help the young players grow”
  • Guaranteed leadership: “It’s not easy for the youngsters. For Daniel, from Wanderers to Cattolica, it’s work. He’s a very humble player who wants to work and we’ll help him”
  • Competitor Advantages: “San Felipe played a right game, their game and ours. They pulled back and took advantage when they could”
  • Reciprocity: “When I came to Flamengo I took all the love from them. The important thing is that I’m here, doing my best for my teammates and for the people”
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