June 16, 2024

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Mental health of pandemic workers: a common challenge

Faced with the current context of the pandemic, Covid-19 has not only had an impact on health. Adapting to new lifestyles, the confinement work electronically Physical and emotional exhaustion, on a second, more complex problem: the deteriorating mental health of workers.

Incarceration, an uncertain future, and the potential for serious illness, among other factors, greatly increased mental health care.

According to numbers from Institute of Occupational Safety (ISL), only in the first semester of 2020, Psychiatric illness Classified as employment increased by 279%, indicating an excessive growth in risk exposure by workers. In the case of the first half of 2021, it grew by 133% more than last year and a 40% increase is already expected during this second period of the year.

Bearing in mind that this issue will continue to accompany us beyond the pandemic, Integrating and promoting healthy and healthy environments is fundamental In the workplace and at telework, where prevention is an essential part of establishing a culture that mitigates psychosocial risks.

Confronting the mental health problem in Chile is the task of everyone and not only the employers, since the governing bodies also bear a great responsibility.

but nevertheless, For this strategy to work, it is very important that the actors involved work to combat the effects, direct and indirect, of this epidemic, in order to ensure the physical and mental well-being of workers

* National Director Institute of Occupational Safety (ISL)

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