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Did Britney Spears Use Bitcoin to Hide Purchases from Her Teachers in 2014?

Key facts:
  • The singer has been in the legal guardianship of her father since 2008.

  • Since then, he has not been free to manage his assets or his personal and work life.

Britney Spears’ case has received media coverage in recent years, and now rumors have surfaced about one of her “strategies” for dealing with her legal situation. The American singer, one of the global pop icons of the early 2000s, would use Bitcoin (BTC) to “hide” purchases she made without the permission of her legal guardian, her father James Spears, in 2014.

The turbulent situation that Britney finds herself in today was prompted by the mental breakdown she suffered in 2008. At the time, her image and head were completely shaved, she was attacking paparazzi The loss of custody of her children over ex-husband Kevin Federline was the front page of all the entertainment newspapers. These problems led to a court ruling that Spears’ father take custody of his daughter With family attorney, Andrew Wallet.

In fact, this meant that the pop star was no longer in control of her career, money, or even her life decisions, such as getting married or having children. Likewise, he could not obtain or spend money, sign work obligations, or possess property or real estate without the permission of his guardians, among many other obstacles.

For years, Britney carried this matter quietlywithout disclosing it to the public. However, when the case arose, he received instant support from his fans on social networks, and was only able to defend himself in 2020 to demand the end of the custody period. “I just want my life back,” the star told the court a year later, As reported by CNN.

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Bitcoin as a way to freedom

As a kind of escape from the world of restrictions in which the singer was immersed, cryptocurrency at that time was very small in 2014 in Britney’s life. as said in Britney Gram podcastAnd The singer had resorted to buying with cryptocurrency to get things, although it has not been confirmed what he was going to buy.

This podcast, hosted by journalist and writer Tess Parker and a podcaster calling herself Babs Gray, was the same one who released an audio in 2019 detailing the singer’s dramatic situation.

As mentioned in other CriptoNoticias posts, Bitcoin can turn A very valuable tool For the liberation of women in vulnerable situations. Thanks to cryptocurrency, these people can protect their money and enhance their independence.

Britney Spears reportedly used bitcoin in 2014 to make purchases outside of her father’s tutelage. Source: Twitter

Free Britney and the fight for her freedom

In addition to being able to save money and make purchases (even if simple) with bitcoin, the truth is that Britney Spears hasn’t been the full owner of her life for the past decade. In response to the situation the artist is going through, a movement appeared «Free Britney» (“Britney Free”). He was joined by many music and movie stars, such as Cher, Miley Cyrus, Christina Aguilera and Paris Hilton.

This people organization says that James Spears used his daughter to take advantage of his performances and fight for the singer’s freedom. In the meantime, the guy assures that it is thanks to the guardianship that the singer was able to continue to hold parties and finalize other publicity agreements. For now, the legal struggle continues. Will there be bitcoins in Britney Spears’ wallet?

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