July 14, 2024

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Meta is restructuring Reality Labs to highlight work on wearables

Meta is restructuring Reality Labs to highlight work on wearables

Madrid, June 20 (Portaltic/EP) –

Meta has restructured the division dedicated to virtual and augmented reality technologies, Reality Labs, which will henceforth consist of two large groups, one dedicated to the metaverse and the other to wearables.

Since 2020, Reality Labs has been responsible for the company’s product research and development around virtual, augmented and mixed reality technologies that will enable the transformation, including “hardware” under the Quest – formerly known as Oculus – brand.

Now, Meta has decided to reorganize this division and divide its workers into two groups: “Metaverse”, which includes core work on these future technologies, and “Wearables”, which will be dedicated to devices, with the exception of Quest headphones. As they advanced the edgewho have access to an internal memo.

According to the sources consulted, these changes have also led to the dismissal of some Reality Labs employees, although the exact number has not been determined.

It appears that behind these changes is Meta’s interest in promoting accessories such as the smart glasses that it launched with Ray-Ban, which in its second generation includes support for the Meta AI assistant.

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