May 22, 2022

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Oculus Quest (DPA).

Meta plans to release four VR headsets by 2024

Meta Platforms plans to release four new virtual reality (VR) headsets by 2024Including Project Cambriawhose new details are known and described as a “face laptop” aimed at professional use.

The metaverse It is increasingly on the agenda of technology companies, especially in those companies Meta platforms, whose roadmap was developed by the American media Information.

plan Goal They are in the process of launching four new VR helmets between now and 2024, according to a source close to the matter cited by the broker. will be one of them Project Cambria, the codename for a helmet that combines virtual and mixed reality.

Dead had planned to release him Cambria project in 2021 But, according to the same source, it has been postponed until Next September 2022 Because of the supply chain problems caused by the pandemic burdening the sector.

Next to, End It echoes this information and adds it A second version of the Cambria, codenamed Funston, will be on the market in 2024.

Moreover, the leaked roadmap indicates that Meta plans to release two new Oculus headphones in 2023 and 2024the year you will also shop The first augmented reality (AR) glasses.

Cambria is described internally within the company as “Face laptop “or a chrome book for the face. In addition, you will use the operating system of Virtual reality owned by Metawhich depends on Android.

In this sense, Cambria is expected to be compatible with “online” tools and services, as well as some apps research. It will also include high-resolution image quality, to reinforce its commitment to the professional use of the device, according to this medium.

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Mixed reality, which combines virtual and augmented reality to create spaces for interaction with both real and virtual objects and people, will also be present in Cambria. To do this, the helmet will integrate external cameras, according to developments.

The document states that CUmbria will have more autonomy than Oculus Quest 2 By having a larger battery, for balancing reasons, it will be integrated into the back of the device.

As already announced Target in October 2021Cambria will allow your avatar to reproduce visual communication and expressions in real time thanks to the sensors it integrates.

launch price Cambria will be $799 (about 16 thousand peso pesos), a figure higher than The average $349 (about 7,000 Mexican pesos) costs the company the Quest 2 currently..