October 22, 2021

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Mexico suffers from an agricultural "structural crisis" due to climate change

Mexico suffers from an agricultural “structural crisis” due to climate change


October 9, 2021 17:13 GMT

The Mexican government itself has realized that there is a dependence on food nutrition from other countries.

Mexican cuisine is considered the intangible cultural heritage of mankind: tacos, pozzols and hundreds of typical dishes.

But experts warn that the Mexicans warn that in order to prepare many of them, far from being able to get the products of the national agricultural crops, they are forced to import them. To a large extent, this situation is the result of the negative effects of climate change on the sector.

In the words of researcher Uberto Salgado Nieto, “About 50% of the food consumed in Mexico is imported This problem has been greatly exacerbated in the country in recent decades.”

“For example, in corn about 36%, in wheat 63%, in soybeans 94%,” says the specialist.

Import is on the rise

This national food security problem has become significant, because according to information from the Agricultural Markets Advisory Group, the size of Grain import ascended 11.2% And in the value a 65.1% The backlog from January to August of this year compared to 2020.

In other words, a record number, a situation that the federal government suffers from namedstructural crisis” and has a favour Dependency in terms of food nutrition. Despite this, the president himself, Andrés Manuel Lopez Obrador, has done it the focus Need to import corn.

This measure aims to reduce the price of tortillas, which are sold today in several states by more than a dollar per kilo, that is, Highest cost in 9 yearsIt is due, among other things, to the droughts that hit the national fields, a circumstance observed in the pockets of consumers.

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pest to farmers

But those who suffer most from importing grain are farmers. One of them is Andres Galicia Hernandez, who asserted that the authorities were not providing assistance to save the countryside.

“[Creo] That the government should focus on supporting the removal of that gang, that they are pumping resources here to the area and we even have local products to support this great city. Here is food, it is not necessary to bring it from outsideThe farmer said.

Lacking economic support, many agricultural lands were modified and ceased to be used for growing grain, so that in many of them the poppy plant – whose components are used to produce narcotics – began to be produced, thus benefiting organized crime.

Get help or migrate

In addition, due to the lack of resources for the countryside, many peasants decided to abandon their lands and immigrate to the United States in search of the “American Dream”.

PSCenter calculates that 5 million Mexicans are not registered lies down [EE.UU.] According to the calculations of the Northern Border Migration Survey, it tells us that approximately 62% of people crossing into the United States They were engaged in agricultural activitiesSalgado Nieto details.

That is why the demand of the peasants and peasants who resist leaving their lands today is that the authorities take care of them and give more resources to their lands, and that it be national agriculture that nourishes the Mexicans without having to bring in ingredients from foreign fields. .

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