January 17, 2022

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Michael Schumacher's health: Known eight years after his accident

Michael Schumacher’s health: Known eight years after his accident

On December 29, 2013, Schumi suffered a stroke while skiing in the French Alps and his life changed forever.

Schumacher's health 8 years after the accident

A day like today, 8 years ago, Michael Schumacher He had an accident while skiing in the resort of Méribel in the French Alps. The blow caused serious brain damage and made his life unknown from that moment on.

What has been learned about Michael Schumacher’s health in the past eight years

The secret Schumacher family chose And for many years there was little information about The health status of “Caesar”“From that fateful day he learned that he was first taken by helicopter to the nearest hospital where they decided that his health condition was very serious. He was later referred Grenoble Where was Working Twice After six months in a coma, he woke up in June 2014.

Michael left the University Hospital of Grenoble to continue his long stage of rehabilitation. He is no longer in a coma.” The spokeswoman at the time said, Sabine Kim.

eIn September 2014, Shumi was transferred to Switzerland, To his home on the shores of Lake Geneva in Geneva This is where the long rehabilitation process began. Michael is finished Six years of coma And this year it was possible to learn more about her status in A documentary published on the Netflix platform, With testimonies from his close circle.

Corinna and Mick have given more details about Michael Schumacher's health

“It was just bad luck, the worst of life. It’s always terrible when you ask yourself why this happens to Michael or us: Why wouldn’t it be otherwise?”Of course I miss him every day and not only me but also the kids, family, his dad and everyone around him misses him, but he’s still here and that gives us all the strength. We’re together, we live at home together and we do everything we can to make Michael the best he can be and to make him feel a family bond. Whatever happens, I will do everything I can.”And He tells his wife Corinna In the documentary, which was shown in September this year.

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For his part, his son Mick Schumacher, the current Formula 1 driver, excitedly told how his life and his relationship with his father had changed. “Since the accident, those experiences, those moments that I imagined so many others going through with their parents, no longer exist. I think this is a bit unfair. My dad and I understand each other differently now, simply because we speak a similar language, the language of motorsport. We have a lot to talk about and at least that’s where my head occupies most of the time. That’s when I think, I’d give it all up just to get that.”

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