February 28, 2024

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Micolet is accelerating into retail and aims to reach 20 establishments in 2024

Micolet is accelerating into retail and aims to reach 20 establishments in 2024

Micolet is accelerating with retail. The company, which specializes in selling used clothes, will close this year with seven new stores in northern Spain, and is also preparing a new batch of openings with the aim of closing in 2024 with more than twenty stores, according to what the company says. Announced today, Monday..

specific, The company reached cities such as San Sebastian, Bilbao or Gijon. In addition, the company has transformed two of its existing stores, located in the Zubiarte shopping center in Bilbao and in the Max Center shopping complex.

For the company’s next fiscal year It is already considering new locations in the country, including Madrid and Barcelona. According to the company’s announcement last July, Micollet is immersed in a retail expansion strategy and the company’s goal is to open fifty stores in four years.

The company that began its history as Pure player, It is present in seven countries through its online channel Among its plans is to preserve all markets. Currently, Spain is the company’s largest market and represents 40% of its income, followed by Portugal, which represents 25%, and France, which represents 15%.

Micolet, which in 2022 operates with four institutions, It closed 2022 with over 2 million users. The company links the increase in the number of users to its expansion through physical stores. Additionally, the company has enabled a system through which users can take their clothes to any of the stores, have them evaluated and later listed on the online platform.

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The company specializing in selling used clothing took its first steps in 2014 with the help of José Mari del Moral Álvarez and Ariza Loronio Martínez. Micolite was backed in 2016 by Collectiva, the other company of Micolit’s founders, which invested €80,000 in the company.

The products sold by Micolet cost around ten euros on average, and most of them are labeled by one of the Inditex chains.. The company has gained notoriety thanks to the agreements it has concluded with well-known people such as Ariadne Artiles, Cayetana Guillen Cuervo, Maria Adanez, Berta Collado or Keira Miro, and fashion influencers such as My Peeptoes or Paula Loves.