July 1, 2022

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Microsoft hands over to UNAM a project using artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things for Universum - Latin American News Center

Microsoft hands over to UNAM a project using artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things for Universum – Latin American News Center

The project will use artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things for infrastructure to monitor plants and measure properties related to moisture, minerals and land density.

Mexico City, Mexico – As part of Microsoft’s “Innovate for Mexico” investment plan, and its social commitment to Mexicans through technology, the company introduced a smart garden, where through digital green area solutions, integrating the Internet of Things (IoT), cloud and artificial intelligence technologies will monitor and nurture a botanical garden within Universum regions. In collaboration with organizations such as Microsoft, Ollin-Quetzá, Business Data (Microsoft’s business partner), the community and visitors UNAM They will have access to the latest projects, through which they will be able to interact within the facilities of the institution and live the experience with their own garden at home.

To take advantage of the capabilities and technologies of Microsoft, a group of sensors and cameras have been installed in the orchard Azure realization This will help measure the growth and development of crops, and review parameters such as humidity, temperature and substrate composition, among others. This information will be sent to the Azure cloud, in the component Azure IoT Hubwhere it will be stored, processed and analyzed, so that this data feeds an artificial intelligence model that, after learning from the image bank, can diagnose the health of plants and make recommendations that help in conserving the plants.

As part of this comprehensive redesign of the space, the Smart Garden is a clear example of how technology can help improve operations, ensure crop safety according to the needs of each plant, as well as democratize access to key innovations through a friendly and interactive experience.

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“Microsoft is a company deeply committed to the environment, and it is essential for us to make sustainability a priority for Mexicans and for the beauty of the country that surrounds us. That’s why we are so excited about this collaboration with Universum, a space dedicated to spreading science and innovation where children and young people can find in Technology is an ally to protect the environment and interact with it responsibly.” Enrique Perezera, general manager of Microsoft Mexico commented.

The smart garden will open its doors at Universum starting Saturday, June 18, where visitors will be able to observe and interact with crops and learn more about on-site monitoring tools, as well as receive seeds and tips that will help them replicate the activity at home, with access to an online portal where they can evaluate Condition their vegetables and receive recommendations from a dedicated Universum team to help take care of their vegetables.

To get to know the smart garden in an interactive way and know the plants and vegetables in it, as well as how it works, we invite you to visit it www.huertouniversum.com.mx


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