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Milagros Leyva describes Mayra Couto’s way of speaking “huachafería” in the middle of the interview: “They are destroying the language.”

Milagros Leyva describes Mayra Couto’s way of speaking “huachafería” in the middle of the interview: “They are destroying the language.”

Milagros Leiva calls Mayra Couto’s way of speaking ‘huachafería’ in full interview

In a recent interview, Milagros Leyva For your program YouTube Life and Miracles The caller asked how to speak. Mayra Coto, Known for her role in the series “There is a place down there.” Although he insisted that he respected the opinions of others, he could not help but describe the fact that words were feminized and expressions like “others” were used as “huachavira.”

Mayra Coto He sparked controversy a while ago after he asked on social media to call himself ‘world’ to the world. He also used words like ‘body’ To highlight her feminism.

During the interview, Milagros Leyva He reminded him of these words and asked him what he was thinking at that moment to refer to himself in that way. As the actress explained her position, the journalist openly criticized the actress and society’s use of inclusive language, which created a moment of tension.

Milagros Leyva told Mayra Couto that giving words a feminine gender is “huachafería”. Life and miracles.

“It sounds like huachafería to me, forgive me for telling you. It’s my point of view, but I want to understand where this way of speaking came from,” the caller said, asking several questions about Mayra Couto’s explanations.

Mayra Cotowho has been prominent in his support for various social issues, adopted an inclusive language in Cuba, where he studied. However, he stressed that it was organized, because he realizes that not everyone in Peru deals with it the same way. In the case of Milagros Leyva, the actress indicated that she understood her.

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He pointed to this way of speaking. Myra, It seeks to make all people visible, regardless of their sexual identity, using terms such as: ‘everyone’ instead of “everyone” or “everyone”. On the other hand, Leva considered this way of speaking as a means of destroying the language. “I don’t understand why,” the interviewer asked.

“I don’t think language is destructible because it’s not a role or a person. Language is a living thing. Language is a convention, it’s the same theater. It changes. People don’t speak the same thing in Ecuador and Colombia…” Couto explained.

The conversation between the two revealed clearly opposing positions on the evolution of language. However, both remained calm as they exchanged ideas.

Lewa concluded the interview by stressing that although he does not share his position, KotoHe respects his right to express himself when he decides: “You don’t have to apologize.” Milagros Leyvahighlighting that if this is what you believe, you don’t have to worry about what others say.

Mayra Couto caused controversy when she named the world “Monda.” I.G.

Next time, Mayra Coto He indicated that he would like to return to Down there is a room.But there must be reasons why they haven’t contacted her yet. Under that line, the actress hinted that she could take on the reasons, such as the controversy she got into because of the way she expresses herself or that there is no story for her character yet.

He even dared to say that it might be because of the complaint he had filed against him. Andrew Weiss In 2020.

“It is a possibility. Yes, I think so, but I knew it since I made the decision to speak. I was in Cuba when I spoke, in 2020, it was a very difficult year for everyone. We were not having a good time, not only were we locked up, but we lost people. (At that moment) I decided that I was not going to stay silent, because sometimes you face death. (I asked myself) Well, do I have anything to lose? No, and I will not stay silent,” said the actress, who stressed that she did not imagine Al Fondo Hay Sitio returning to the screen, although she wanted it very much.

“Then she came back to Al Fondo Hay Sitio, and that was a surprise that I wanted. I feel like all my wishes have come true. I wanted the series to come back, I wanted to produce the show, and I’m flying (imagining). And when they came back it didn’t happen (they didn’t contact her). I don’t know if it will happen again, because it also depends on the audience.”

Mayra Couto recalls the harassment complaint she filed against Andres Vezzi.