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Millet Figueroa and Marcelo Tinelli met again amidst versions of the crisis

Millet Figueroa and Marcelo Tinelli met again amidst versions of the crisis

The model and the driver were seen enjoying a special evening with friends (Video: Instagram)

After several rounds back and forth, Millet Figueroa And Marcelo Tinelli They met again. The couple born in the latest edition of Dance 2023 (The Tris) faced crises and showed that his love is stronger. “love them. They make me laugh a lot“, expressed the driver in a blog post with the Peruvian model, where he revealed the details of the evening that he also shared Yanina Latorre, Federico Hubei, Macarena Rinaldi And other friends.

The duo appeared in the photos in a relaxed atmosphere, with two glasses of wine and music. To the beat of one of the songs Rodrigo Bueno, the brunette took out her forbidden steps with the entertainment journalist. “Huge dancesaid Marcelo, who recorded all the dances. It was not without laughter, especially from the two heroes of the video, who enjoyed the rhythm of the quartet.

days ago, Relationship breakup versions They caused a huge stir. “You can say a thousand things, but I'm the only one who knows the truth, Marcelo is the only one who knows the truth. All couples have different stages, and different times. She commented during an interview with: “We are fine.” Morning angels (America).

Now, with his return to the arms of Tinelli, Figueroa has put an end to the rumors of the crisis, which indicated… Influencer Candy Lychee, as third in the competition. This encounter was echoed by Yanina Latorre, who posted a video clip with the model. “Look who I'm with. He's my best friend.” I want you to come to Lam this week and tell the truth. I invite you. “This is for the Peruvians,” the blonde said amused. “They hate me because I criticize them.” “But how are you going to score a story after you destroy me?” Millett joked about the journalist's remarks.

The couple met again at a dinner where they appeared to be very much in love.

Versions of the breakup started a while ago for various reasons. Among them is the model's failure to attend the driver's birthday. In this regard, the Peruvian said: “We don't have to always be stuckIn the same vein, she announced that she will not appear at some family events as well because she prefers her partner to fully enjoy their children.

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“I have a lot of respect for the moments he spends with his children, which are very special. I knew him that way, that love for his children. I'm not going to come and tell him, “Sorry, I don't like you spending time with your kids. You either have me or you don't.” He said: “Things are the way they are. The relationship is built on giving each other time and special moments. Everyone has moments with their family.”

He also explained that his absence from important family gatherings was due to… You don't always receive invitations From Marcello Tinelli's daughters. As he explained, he fully understands the position of influencers, as they do not have a close or direct relationship.

“We lived together in Punta del Este, there is a beautiful relationship, There is a very beautiful relationship. Candy actually came out to make it clear, that at no time did he say those very strong adjectives were given to me. I can't control speculation or other people's opinions, we're very good. We don't have to come out and explain this issue all the time, it's annoying. It's not that we're best friendsAlthough I would like to, we don't get along badly. “We are getting to know each other,” he said.

Yanina Latorre, one of the guests of the evening between the Peruvian model and the driver (Instagram)