July 5, 2022

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The gap is over!  'One Piece' and other Toei Animation series are back after the animation studio is hacked

The gap is over! ‘One Piece’ and other Toei Animation series are back after the animation studio is hacked

Last month we got the news since then Toei Animation They were victims of a hack that compromised the company’s servers. In addition to further surveying and making the study facilities unusable for a few days, Many anime series have been suspended indefinitely.

Fortunately, it seems that the incident was not so shocking and it was possible to restore the rhythm of production, since there is already a release date for the new chapters of ‘One piece’ and other series that are currently paused.

Back in April for ‘One Piece’…but no news for ‘Dragon Ball’

The Toei hack turned the anime network upside down, as the attack would have corrupted many studio files or even deleted them entirely. It’s still not clear if some of the sequences should be reanimated or restored, but what we do know is that the animation studio has confirmed When will your series come back from hiatus?.

‘One pieceChapter 1014 will be shown next April 17 After six weeks of rest. Also returning on the same day will be “Delicious Party Precure” and “Digimon: Ghost Game”.

As it comes out of the gap “Dragon Quest: Dai’s Adventure” On April 16 with the broadcast of Chapter 73. The end of the gap was already expected with the announcement of Crunchyroll about The series, which will be shown at the same time for the spring seasonbut we finally have specific dates for these new episodes.

Meanwhile, we still have no updates about it Dragon Ball Super: Super HeroSince the movie premiere, The new “Dragon Ball Super” movie has also been postponed until further notice After hacking Toei Animation.

There are rumors that a new date might be announced soon, so all we can do for now is just get our fingers crossed so it doesn’t get too difficult.

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