July 2, 2022

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Millie Bobby Brown surprised with a daring look change days after the premiere of Stranger Things 4

Millie Bobby Brown surprised with a daring look change days after the premiere of Stranger Things 4

Less and less missing for the fourth season of Something weirdYes, the series created by the brothers not shiny s Ross DoverThe saga, which breathes a lot from the cinema of the 80s, is about to release a new set of episodes, which fans are waiting for with great concern and anticipation. For this reason and to promote the long-awaited launch, Millie Bobby Brown appeared on the show Jimmy Fallon in a brand new look He surprised his host with an amusing skill.

Within this talk, the 18-year-old translator is encouraged to anticipate something of what will happen to her character, Eleven (eleven) and its details: “We will be looking a lot at her beginnings, how she grew up, how she was able to gain the autonomy to become the woman that she is. So this season is getting into that. And there will be a lot of answers.”

At some point in the interview, the actress noted how much fun she had on recordings, along with her colleagues. Of course, tension was common during breaks between shots, which is why the group came up with the odd challenge of doing jogging with gum. In the United States, there is one strip of gum, which is rolled inside a container similar to that of duct tape. And about that, “Then we stretched out all the gum, and without using your hands, you had to eat it as fast as you could,” the actress explained. And to draw those tests, they showed a video of Bobby Brown competing Noah SchnappAnd while she was able to eat in record time, her partner tried not to vomit during it.

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After seeing this fun challenge, the actress surprised the driver by suggesting a live test. For this reason, he brought two of these chewing gums and they were encouraged to compete. As expected, Mielle was the big winner, to applause from everyone present, while Fallon tried not to choke on the candy.

Another reason for a heroine Weird things It was news that on that show she had a change of look, with her blonde hair, a predominantly purple wardrobe, with leggings and platform shoes.

The new season of Weird things It will be divided into two groups. The first episode will consist of five episodes, and is scheduled to be released on May 27. The second, which will have four charges, will arrive Netflix The first of July. But before the new adventures of Hawkins’ teens arrived, some American media were surprised to reveal how much Bobby Brown received in each season of the series. Reportedly, she earned around $30,000 per episode in the first two seasons. But his plan took a significant leap for the third, which was released in 2019. There, for each chapter – there were eight in total – he earned 350 thousand dollars. With this salary, he received the same salary as the main heroes of the series: Winona Ryder s David Harbor. after this line, It can be calculated that – at a rate of $350,000 per episode – in an eight-episode season, no less than $2.8 million was made. Although the US media has yet to reveal exactly what Bobby Brown will be paid for In the fourth season, they estimated that the number was quite similar.

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