May 22, 2022

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Millionaire Number Of Money He Will Stop Receiving After Losing Plagiarism Case In Favor Of "Safaera" - Prensa Libre

Millionaire Number Of Money He Will Stop Receiving After Losing Plagiarism Case In Favor Of “Safaera” – Prensa Libre

On Sunday, February 6, Puerto Rican Bad Bunny became the world’s most successful artist on all music platforms currently combined.

In this way, Puerto Rican urban artist surpassed The Weekend in the points list Global Digital Artist Rankingas detailed on the musical scale page.

The list includes Apple Music, Spotify, iTunes, YouTube, Shazam, and Deezer platforms.

As detailed on page classification On, Bad Bunny’s second album, YHLQMDLG (I do what I want), ranks #1 on Apple Music in Bolivia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Paraguay, and Peru.

successes YHLQMDLG

YHLQMDLG She has many popular songs, but one of the most listened to was Ambassadorperformed by Bad Bunny, Joel, Randy and Ningo Flow.

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The piece became a viral phenomenon as it inspired TikTok challenges, rose to the top of the most listened-to site on various platforms, but also caused millions of dollars to be lost due to lawsuits.

in that year YHLQMDLG It was the best-selling Latin music album in the United States, it is also the most played globally on Spotify and won a Grammy for Best Latin Pop Music Album or Urban Music Album.

According to the specialist publication Pitchfork, Ambassador Includes no less than eight changes of rhythm, five Float Rap and 10 years of references like the following.

  • bus line could you be Lovedby Bob Marley
  • DJ Synth Nelson Siren
  • tape Xtassy Reggae by DJ Goldy
  • The opening line of Pa’ la pared de Cosculluela with Jowell & Randy
  • Yes samples From Sharksby Alexis and Fido
  • guateba, from plan b
  • and countryside guitar maker Get Ur Freak OnWritten by Missy Elliott, one of the reasons that caused the most legal disputes.
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In a recent interview, Missy Elliot Joel said that despite the many awards and millions obtained Ambassadoryou only get minimal royalties, because American rapper Missy Elliot sued for use From Get Ur Freak On.

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Joel, who composed part of the hit song that was included in the song list in 2021, says the 500 Greatest Songs in magazine history Rolling rock.

Joel also said that they, along with Bad Bunny, had to give it up because Missy Elliot demanded millions to use countryside From Get Ur Freak On. Also, in May 2020, this led them to take the song out of Spotify.

How long will Bad Bunny stop receiving a lawsuit after losing a lawsuit Ambassador

According to Joel, after negotiations, Missy Elliott was agreed to earn royalties Ambassador. “They kept everything, what happens is they legally can’t get me out because I wrote there, they gave me 1%, Randy 1% and even Bad Bunny a 1% charge,” he said.

even though The exact number that the bad bunny lost has not been revealed, specialized media confirmed that Missy Elliott requested millions of dollars for copyright. In addition, the amount of the millionaire generated by the subject will also cease to receive Puerto Rico.