May 22, 2022

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Department of Health of Neuquén County

Department of Health of Neuquén County

The new equipment required a total investment of over 22 million pesos.

The Neuquén County Department of Health has purchased 13 new dental chairs to continue the strategy of strengthening, renovating and maintaining the equipment of health institutions. Of the units received, five were delivered to the city of Neuquen: three to the Heller Hospital, one to the Nueva Esperanza Rural Health Center, and one to the San Lorenzo Norte Health Center. One was also distributed to El Cholar, one to Zapala, three to Plottier, and three were still to be delivered to Senillosa.

Dental chairs are essential equipment for dental offices, as they favor the correct performance and skill of professionals. This type of equipment requires regular maintenance and overhaul, which is primarily associated with its use.

“It is important to remember that in 2020 and 2021, 30 armchairs were purchased and installed in different hospitals and health centers in Neuquén County. In this way, with the integration of these 13, we continue to strengthen the health system in the province for the benefit of the overall health of the people of Neuquén, as requested Our Governor Omar Gutierrez,” said the Minister of Health, Andrea Pave.

Given that oral health is a component of people’s overall health and although requirements vary according to a person’s age, it is essential to strengthen care and prevention during pregnancy and childhood. For this reason, the 2019-2023 Regional Health Plan and the strategy “The First Thousand Days – Your Health, Our Future” contain clear guidance on dental examinations and access to appropriate dental care.

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The acquisition of 13 dental chairs required a total investment of 22,200,000 million pesos: 16,650,000 million pesos, through the budget line item in the current general budget of the health portfolio; and 5,700.00 million pesos, through the Remediar más Redes budget credit.

Their distribution is: three for Heller Hospital, one for Nueva Esperanza Rural Health Center and one for San Lorenzo Norte Health Center in Neuquén City; one for El Cholar; one for Zapala; three for Senelusa; and three for blautier.

Among the characteristics of the chairs, it is electric, programmable and allows patients to lift more than 250 kg with great performance. They have an LED tooth lamp, a crapodina system in the joystick, digital controls, a seat with footrests and a hydraulic system, among other things.

From the area of ​​oral health in the health portfolio, they also indicated that all the advantages of dentistry are authorized, so it is advisable to consult by phone or on social networks about the way of care for health centers and hospitals.