July 1, 2022

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Ukraine hopes to go to the World Cup in Qatar despite the war

Ukraine hopes to go to the World Cup in Qatar despite the war

The President of the Ukrainian Football Federation, Andriy Pavelko, expressed confidence that his team would go to the 2022 World Cup in Qatar after the war and thanked the assistance provided to him by FIFA and UEFA for his preparations and donations of humanitarian aid.

Pavlko, who has headed the organization since March 2015, explained that the UAF has not stopped working since the start of the invasion of Russia on February 24, although it has moved its headquarters to the Transcarpathian region, along with the country’s Olympic Committee. which also serves as a focal point for aid during the war.

“We are confident that this war will end. Every day we are getting closer to victory. I am sure that after the war our players will give the best feelings to the fans: going to the World Cup. We will do everything we can to prepare our team. Team and perform to the maximum. UEFA helps us ) And FIFA is in it.”

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In a speech on Denisov Time, Pavelko commented that all Ukrainian fans “wish the team to face the play-off qualifiers” for the World Cup “in the best possible way”, although “today we are not talking about football, but about the country and human life” “.

“Today our idea is to win the war as soon as possible and finish the tournament. Not all stadiums will be ready, but we will find a chance to finish the tournament. UPL and PFL captains Yevhen Dykyi and Oleksandr Kadenko have been in touch with us and said about the possibility of resuming the suspended leagues.. The first plan is to end the tournament. Mathematically, but we understand that the situation can develop in different scenarios.

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Back to football at the Donbass Arena

The president also imagined what it would be like to return football to his country after the war, and reinforced his desire to hold a match in Donetsk. “I want to celebrate it in the Donbass Arena, when we liberate our land from the Russian fascists, when peacetime returns. Donbass Square will be the best gift for our fans,” he said.

Andrei Pavlko wanted to thank the position of UEFA and FIFA since the beginning of the invasion and the postponement of the World Cup play-off match that Ukraine was scheduled to play on March 24 against Scotland, and emphasized that he maintains daily contact with the presidents of the two countries. The organisations, Aleksander Ceferin and Gianni Infantino, whom he thanked for “making difficult decisions about the aggressor state, and for helping in humanitarian matters.”

“I would like to thank Alexander Ceferin, who called from the beginning of the war, asking what can be done to help. We have opened a coordination center on the basis of the Ukrainian Football Federation. In each district there are workers responsible for humanitarian issues, youth football, referees, players of the national team, UPL and PFL. At our request, Ceferin has opened a similar coordination headquarters at UEFA. It helps us coordinate with the national federations and clubs that responded and helped our children,” Pavelko said.

I refuse to transfer the union to other countries

And regarding the activity that the Federation of Women’s Action is doing these days, Pavlko explained that he rejected the offers of other unions to transfer him to another country when the war broke out, and that it enabled him to meet humanitarian needs and as a hospital.

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“So I said that my football family and my family will remain in Ukraine until the moment of victory over the fascism that has invaded our land. We are working 24/7. We are helping thousands of children to move to safe places abroad. Football House is on the front line helping our army to To be as effective as possible in our victory.” I finish.