June 25, 2022

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Minute by minute, Checo Pérez Spanish Grand Prix rating

Minute by minute, Checo Pérez Spanish Grand Prix rating

We continue the tour after the qualifying round in Montemelo, where Checo Pérez is looking for the best place he can get.

Q1 starts: The 5 slowest cars will be eliminated and the blocks will exceed 15. The stands are full in Montmelo. We look forward to seeing what they can do Fernando Alonso with the Alps s Carlos Sainz Jr. With Ferrari. Curiosity: The last time Ferrari won a race in Spain, it did so with Fernando Alonso at the wheel in 2013. Ferrari’s last pole In Spain, made by Kimi Raikkonen in 2008; Now they are my favourite.

mercedes It seems that he has found the solution to the problems of the “porpoises” and has been put into the mix between them Ferrari s Red Bull. czech perez Now he will have two other direct competitors. F1 2022 is increasingly interesting.

czech perez He missed FP1 by leaving his RB18 in my hands Jorry PhippsTeam development driver. In both the second and third practice was behind mercedesBut another thing will be when the competition is serious. We’ll see if the silver arrows really catch on Ferrari s Red Bull.

Beyond that, czech perez You should look for a good starting position because the circle Barcelona It’s not the most convenient to overtake, it’s too complicated – last year, half the competition was spent trying to pass Daniel Ricciardo-. It is true that F1 2022 is more suitable for fighting on the track, but Barcelona Catalunya Circuit It hasn’t changed and the path that makes overtaking difficult remains unchanged. But who knows, maybe this year will be different and we will see several of them in chicane 1 or 10, the ones that follow the straits with the DRS.

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classification F1 It is divided into three rounds:

  • Q1: 18 minutes / write off the slowest five cars

  • Q2: 15 minutes / The slowest five cars were eliminated

  • Q3: 12 minutes/10 cars for pole