December 9, 2023

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Miss International 2023 LIVE with Camila Díaz: minute by minute of the broadcast taking place in Japan

Miss International 2023 LIVE with Camila Díaz: minute by minute of the broadcast taking place in Japan

Candidates for Miss International:

  • Angola: Teresa Antonio Sarah
  • Australia: Gazelle Arca
  • Bangladesh: Yasmine Farzana
  • Belgium: Julian Bede
  • Bolivia: Vanessa Hayes Schott
  • Brazil: Beatrice Goulart
  • Cambodia: Elena Somang
  • Canada: Melanie Reno
  • Chili pepper: Valerie Johnson Garcia
  • Colombia: Sofia Osio Luna
  • Costa Rica: Stacey Montero
  • Cote d’Ivoire: Nacita Diaco
  • Cuba: Sheila Ravelo Perez
  • Czech Republic: Dominika Nemekova
  • Denmark: Julie Staple Brink
  • dominican republic: Yamilix Hernandez
  • Ecuador: Georgette Khalil
  • Savior: Daniela Hidalgo
  • Estonia: Carolyn Kibasto
  • Finland: Petra Hamalinum
  • France: Licia Allaire de la Fuente
  • Ghana: Mercy Jane Adorkor Papal
  • Greece: Asumanaki Zoe
  • Guatemala: Maria Rene Diaz
  • Hawaii: Makala Berry
  • Hong Kong: Verna Leong
  • India: Praveena Anjna
  • Indonesia: Farhana Nareswari
  • Jamaica: Sabrina Johnson
  • Japan: Tamao Yoneyama
  • Korea: Poppin Young
  • Laos: Alia Inthavong
  • Lesotho: Boitumelo Sihloto
  • Lithuania: Ermina Presigalavichetti
  • Macau: Emily Yu
  • Malaysia: Kasdra yap
  • Martinique: Paulina Themon
  • Mauricio: Karishma Hiralal
  • Mexico: Itza Garcia
  • Moldova: Julieta Calalp
  • Mongolia: Javakhlan Monguntsatsralt
  • Myanmar: Ee Myint Aung Thein
  • Nepal: Prasidhi Shah
  • Holland: Morgan Dolloit
  • New Zealand: Georgia Waddington
  • Nicaragua: Leilani Layton
  • Nigeria: Roslyn Boularinde
  • Norway: Madeleine Anna Malmberg
  • Pakistan: Awesome lamp
  • Panama: Lynette Marie Clemente Marciaga
  • Paraguay: Sierra jasmine
  • Peru: Camila Diaz Daneri
  • Filipino: Nicole Borromeo
  • Poland: Julia Marcinkowska
  • Portugal: Lilin Vieira Serrao
  • Puerto Rico: Amanda Paula Solis
  • Serbia: Viktoria Stojilikovic
  • Singapore: Shavel Chi Rui Chung
  • South Africa: Genek Botha
  • Spain: Claudia Gonzalez
  • Sri Lanka: Omanda Bamunwachi
  • Taiwan: Anita Wang
  • Thailand: Supaporn Rethibroek
  • Tunisia: Maryam bin Abrouge
  • Uganda: Emily Hope Mwanguzi
  • United kingdom: Alicia Coy
  • United States of America: Kenyatta Beezer
  • Venezuela: Andrea Rubio
  • Vietnam: Nguyen Phobeng Nhi
  • Zimbabwe: Charlotte Mozeri
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Poster of Camila Diaz at the Miss International 2023 pageant. | Instagram

Miss International: Schedule by country:

  • Peru: 4:00 am
  • Chile: 6:00 am
  • Colombia: 4:00 am
  • Ecuador: 4:00 am
  • Bolivia: 5:00 am
  • Paraguay: 4:00 am
  • Uruguay: 4:00 am
  • Argentina: 4:00 am
  • Brazil: 4:00 am
  • Mexico: 5:00 am
  • Venezuela: 5:00 am
Camila Diaz, Peruvian representative in Miss International 2023. | Instagram

How to watch Miss International for free?

he Miss International It is one of the most important beauty pageants in the world, which is being held this year in Japan. The ceremony will be held in the second gymnasium of Yoyogi National Stadium, in Shibuya, Tokyo. The official page of the competition published that you can watch the broadcast for free from your Facebook account.

Camila Diaz: date and time of her debut at the Miss International 2023 contest. | Instagram

When is Miss International 2023?

Miss International This year it takes place in Tokyo, Japan. The final event, where she will meet the new queen, will take place on October 26 at 4:00 (Peruvian time). In the Asian country, the ceremony will be held at 6:00 pm. It appears through the competition’s social media networks how preparations for a magical and musical night have reached their peak.

Camila Diaz and models at Miss International 2023 events. | Instagram

Who is the Peruvian candidate for Miss International?

Peruvian representative Miss Internationala beauty pageant held this year in Japan, is Camila Díaz Daneri, the model and influencer who was chosen as the successor to Tatiana Calmel by the Miss Peru organization.

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Daughter of Richard Diaz and Karina Daneri, the model has two younger brothers, Karel and Salvi. From a young age, she excelled in aerial gymnastics, and at the age of 12 she won a gold medal at the South American Championships in Paraguay.

He finished high school in 2019, and is currently 23 years old, living in Madrid (Spain), where he takes performing arts courses at TAI Escuela Universitaria de Artes. In 2021 he made his music debut in Dirk’s “Clima bipolar” video.

Camila Diaz devotes her efforts to commercial modeling and has created projects that she promotes through her social networks. On TikTok he has a community of 323,400 followers. Her hobbies include singing, dancing, guitar, English and yoga.

Camila Diaz, Peruvian representative in Miss International 2023. | Instagram