April 13, 2024

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MLB is confident the Yankees will visit Mexico for the regular season

MLB is confident the Yankees will visit Mexico for the regular season

MLB Latin America Director Rodrigo Fernandez remains optimistic that the winningest franchise in the major leagues will return soon.

Last visit to New York Yankees To CDMX for a two-game exhibition series vs Red Devils It could be a preview of a longer relationship between the series' most profitable franchise Big leagues And with Mexico.

In an interview with espnboss MLB Latin America, Rodrigo FernandezHe indicated that he hoped to see yankees in Mexicobut now for the regular season game.

“I think this is close to happening,” he announced. “We also believe that by calling this trial a Devils And yankees “It's shown us that there's probably equal to or greater interest in a game of this type than there is in the regular season, so we're already talking to see what concepts we'll be dealing with in the next four seasons, but it's certainly going to be something that's very attractive to our fans.”

although Red Devils They swept the two-game series at Alfredo Harp Hilo Stadium, which was packed both days, with fans in the stands supporting the team equally. Mexico And the yankees.

“First of all, thank you to all the fans for the response we have received,” he said. “The truth is that people yankeesIn addition to being very happy, they are very surprised, as many people were wearing a Devils jersey and in the fourth inning they changed it and wore a Devils jersey. yankees“The cover, in short, was a reaction they did not expect.”

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yankees to Mexico:”We will be back soon”

Rodrigo Fernandez Highlight how surprised he was yankees On his visit to Mexico And the promise to return.

“They obviously did not expect the stadium we have today in the city Mexico“There was an appetite for the tickets, which were all sold out in one hour and they had a very, very good taste in their mouths, and at the end they pull you back and say, 'We'll be back soon.'” He added, “So I think we're doing things very well, and when I say it belongs to everyone, it's it's not”. MLBBut all the fans of that response to all the calls we make anyway, we have a response like the one you see here today.”