January 28, 2022

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Mobile World Congress shows 'steadfast' will to celebrate show in February |  Economie

Mobile World Congress shows ‘steadfast’ will to celebrate show in February | Economie

The third day of the Mobile World Congress 2021.Albert Garcia (Country)

There is no other will but to celebrate Mobile World Congress Between February 28 and March 3 in Barcelona. This is the main message that emerges from an open letter published today by John Hoffman, CEO of GSMA, on the website of the Mobile Association, which is responsible for organizing the event. In it, the organization shows an “unwavering” will to preserve this year’s edition of the exhibition and warns that it will “only consider changing its plans by decision of the Spanish authorities.” From Fira de Barcelona, ​​whose facilities have hosted the event since 2006, they have made sure that they work completely normally in their organisation, in the same way they work with event organisers.ISE (Integrated Systems Europe), which will open doors on February 1.

Hoffmann’s message arrives at what experts, at least in Spain, already consider doorsPeak of the sixth wave of coronavirus infection since the outbreak of the epidemic in 2020. The president of the Association of Mobile Employers assumes that coexistence with Covid-19 will continue over the next few years, so we will “deal with the impacts”, which is why he has demanded more than ever for “responsible leadership”. His reference to the Spanish authorities about the possible cancellation of the fair has another meaning: to cover up their financial responsibilities for a possible cancellation of the event just eight weeks in advance in order to open the doors.

The GSMA CEO’s words also send an emphatic signal that there is no doubt in celebrating the upcoming mobile to avoid major tech companies announcing domino-effect losses under the current virus outbreak. rest of the sector. For this reason, it was important that the leading brands last December such as Google, Samsung and Ericsson confirm their participation In what is considered the main world fair in its sector, which in its best days (three years ago) gathered more than 100,000 people in the Catalan capital.

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In 2020, as the epidemic spreads in the world, it cannot be celebrated on the brink of death. Last year he did it with a hybrid version in it Coexist around 20,000 mainly local visitors -After passing antigen tests before entering Vera suites- with juveniles Online. This year, GSMA aims to once again have international representation among visitors, as well as exhibitors, and turn the show into a great business as it was. In his favor, he plays the role that vaccination levels have grown and that the Covid passport can be used as an additional guarantee for the participants. It remains to be seen whether negative antigen testing will also be required to validate access.

Head of the telephone company It states in its open letter that it will maintain in 2022 the same model it used in 2021, when it set up shows in Shanghai, Los Angeles and Barcelona “in close cooperation with relevant authorities” so that it is safe for all participants and provides updated information on the epidemic. This experience is essential for Hoffman to “meet safely again in 2022” with the participation of more than 1,500 exhibitors and attendees from 150 different countries.

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