June 25, 2022

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Modern Warfare 2

Modern Warfare 2 could be announced very soon

A rumor started from some rather strange changes in the social media profiles of Infinity Ward that will make people believe that a new game will be announced soon. Call of duty. Specifically, this could be modern war two.

On networks like Twitter and Instagram, Infinity Ward changed their profile pictures and covers to what appeared to be a black background. However, there seem to be many hidden elements. Some users decided to clarify the pictures and noticed a very famous character: Simon “Ghost” Riley. His skull mask can be seen in the top center of the image.

According to general interpretations, this may lead to a new announcement Call of duty in early time. This theory also takes into account Special official data released in FebruaryAnd When I refer to the sequel to modern war 2019 will be on the way. However, at the time, they did not give it a name but its simple name “COD 2022”.

In other words, We’re not talking about re-mastering modern war 2 (2009). It will be a continuation of the 2019 title, which was a reboot or “reboot” of the popular sub-series of Call of duty.

So far there are no details, not even about its history. modern war It focused on the conflict between Russian forces and the fictional state of Urzykistan, in which Western forces intervened to thwart the plans of the Russians.

We expect official information to arrive in the coming days.

source: The official Infinity Ward profile on Twitter

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