July 14, 2024

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More GB for Less for These 5 Countries

More GB for Less for These 5 Countries

They are countries outside Zone 1, but are visited by Spanish tourists in large numbers.

The operator is improving roaming for this summer.

If you travel within the European Union and its associated countries, known as Zone 1, you will have a large amount of data and will be able to call as in Spain without additional costs. On the contrary, if you go to a foreign country, the price per gigabyte doubles and calls cost a lot of money. Because of that Movistar has improved roaming in five countries outside Zone 1.

Countries benefiting from the improvement

Starting from July 18th Movistar Contract Clients They will have Best Roaming Service in Andorra, USA, Colombia, Mexico and Switzerland:

  • Andorra: 4€ per day for unlimited daily GB (now 9€ per day for 3GB per day)
  • United State: 4€ per day for 1GB per day (now 6.05€ per day for 500MB per day)
  • Colombia: 6.05 € per day for 1 GB per day (now 12.10 € per MB consumed)
  • Mexico: 6.05 € per day for 1 GB per day (now 12.10 € per MB consumed)
  • Swiss: 4€ per day for 1GB per day (now 6.05€ per day for 500MB per day)

Improvement comes automatically.without customers having to activate it or do any management. This will happen on July 18, 2024, and will apply to both Movistar contract customers who have a physical SIM card and those who use an eSIM. As for the prices, they start automatically when activating mobile data in these countries.

Aside from the improvement, If you travel outside of Spain, you are interested in knowing how roaming works.It can save you thousands of euros on your bill, due to the high cost of data usage in some countries. If you are a Movistar customer, we have a short guide explaining everything you need to know about it and how to activate it.

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In the same vein, Whatever operator you areYou have to be very careful while roaming, because although your phone operator usually warns you that you are using high consumption and disconnects after spending 50 or 60 euros, many citizens ignore the warning and allow data consumption to continue, inflating bills that ruin vacations. For this reason, we also have a guide for customers of any operator and another to use an eSIM to get data at a low price, which is the option usually recommended when traveling outside Europe.

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