June 23, 2024

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More than 3,000 BMW and Mini cars are still abandoned in an open field

More than 3,000 BMW and Mini cars are still abandoned in an open field

The news went viral and became a stunner for any car enthusiast. It’s a video showing about 3,000 new BMW and Mini cars that have been abandoned in an open field in Vancouver, Canada, since 2014.

In the photos there are models of the BMW M series, the sportiest … and the most expensive. all of them They have been in this place for several years They suffer from extreme climatology in this region.

Abandoned cars in the field

The problem is that all of these cars were victims of a storm that hit the area and were badly damaged. They were exposed to seawater salinity and extreme ambient humidity in the port of Halifax during February 2015, in the middle of winter, as a severe snowstorm hit Canada that month and caused incalculable physical damage to many infrastructures, including the aforementioned vehicles and the port Himself.

It should be borne in mind that humidity directly affects the electrical and technological systems of cars, as well as other basic components that need good lubrication.

Once the storm was over and the severity of the damage was checked, BMW deemed it unprofitable to repair it and the vehicles were moved to an area outside the port, to a nearby wasteland where, even today, it still suffers from bad weather, because it is not protected, as shown in the photos. Among the cars there are models such as the M6, i8 or even the Alpina B6.

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