August 19, 2022

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Could the La Palma volcano cause the climate to cool?

Could the La Palma volcano cause the climate to cool?

volcano eruption
Volcanic eruptions are a sample of the interaction between the atmosphere and the atmosphere.

volcanic eruptions par excellence The natural cause of climate change, Because of Expel ash and gases to the troposphere Calms the solar radiation and cause a A change in the energy balance between the sun and the earth.

Thus, first of all, it is worth highlighting cover that material that reduce heating, just as a cloudy day prevents the temperatures from rising much. Second, a lot of emissions from volcanoes have an effect composition of gas and ash, with sulfur dioxide as the main gas, along with water vapor. These particles act as Mirrors reflect the incoming solar radiation and return it to space. In fact, the expulsion of gases from the volcano causes a Increase the effect of whiteness Because of its white or gray color.

The most recent volcanic eruption observed the cooling of the climate 1991, when Pinatubo (Philippines) He started spitting magma. Some scientific studies indicate a 0.6°C cooling Then the volcanic eruption.

Pinatubo volcano
June 12, 1991, Mount Pinatubo eruption plume, taken from Clark Air Force Base. Credit: Harlow, Dave.

volcano eruption old top It is of the strombolian type, and this type of eruption usually occurs It does not involve significant consequences or changes in the climate in the medium term, Because the particles do not reach the stratosphere and do not have Sufficient entity, volume or density To stop the entry of solar radiation.

A climatologist from the University of Vienna, Herbert Furmeyer, found during the eruption of the Eyjafjalla volcano (Iceland) in 2010 could happen over several years”a cooling effect” If particles separated from volcanic magma reach the stratosphere. Scientists and volcanologists probably point to this This will not happen with a volcano palm.

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AEMET sources I confirmed it to Meteored for now They didn’t think about it There is no short or medium term cooling in Spain, although they are wary because The Uncertainty is still very high We must be aware of the evolution, scale and persistence of this volcanic eruption.

The division between the greenhouse effect and cooling

On a scientific level, this debate is open and the schedule is open. Effects of volcanic eruptions emit greenhouse gases -such as carbon dioxide- which can promote global warming and thus, this intrusion of gases and aerosols into the stratosphere could Reduce solar radiation and cause temporary cooling.