December 3, 2021

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MTV EMA Awards Commit to Equality in Declining Hungary

MTV EMA Awards Commit to Equality in Declining Hungary

It promised to be a party for equality and highlighting the rights of the LGBTQ+ group, which has waned in Hungary, and the 28th European Music Awards (EMAs) have highlighted it from the start: “This is about respecting and defending them.”said the announcer, Saweetie.

Thus, in Gala was found a number of awards in Ed Sheeran and BTS For the best winners, with Two and four awards respectively, It was also noted that diversity triumphs thanks to the first performance in its history of a transgender artist, young German Kim Petras, who planted herself in green latex at the door of Laszlo Budapest Sportarina.

It was another part of MTV’s global statement, just like the colorful arc of this year’s logo, with a nice pink, or the presence of Ole Alexander, Leader de Years & Yours And the hero of the revenge series “It’s a Sin”, who showed his support for adoption by gay couples, because “Family is family.”

Imagine Dragons were there too, and from her vocalist, Dan Reynolds, He is openly gay, especially the members manskin, subverting classic gender-based fashion stereotypes, with its lead singer wearing a belt and stockings.

“I grew up gay in a working class society, and it really helped me to see references on TV (…)”Chris McCarthy, the network’s president, said when the venue was announced this year, defending the decision despite policies the Hungarian government has taken to undermine gay rights.

It was about getting that message right to the heart of this country, which is why this year was also honored with the “MTV EMA Generation Change Award” for young people around the world who are fighting to promote “Equality and love” While fighting anti-LGBTQ+ policies.

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They simply demand the right to love whomever they want. The actress confirmed in a video Drew Barrymore , And it’s “partly Hungarian,” in homage to the five winning activists from countries like Iraq or Hungary, who sent a clear message: “Let’s not let them take us back to the treasury.”

Ed Sheeran and BTS Awards

A record-breaking achievement, which is often just an excuse to enjoy the show between awards and prizes, Ed Sheeran has been crowned with some of the top awards, “Best Artist” and “Best Song” for “Bad Habits”, while South Korean band BTS took over from “Best Group” and “Best Pop Artist”, As well as “Best K-Pop Artist” and “Best Fan”.

Unlike Justin Bieber, the top candidate who was left blank, Lil Nas X His nomination for “Best Video” was embodied by the controversial film “MONTERO (Call Me By Your Name)”. Absent, he thanked the award in a letter forgetting his status as an LGTB icon today.

“A lot of people told us we’re not going to get there: I think you were wrong”The Italians celebrate the winners of Eurovision 2021 manskin, when collected for the category of rock music.

As for the rest of the species, Nicki Minaj It was made with the song “Hip-Hop”, YUNGBLUD with one of the “alternative music”, David Guetta With that of “electronics” and Maluma With one of the “Best Latin Artist”.

Medellín isn’t Pablo Escobar anymore, it’s ‘Maluma, Baby’ and J Balvin, as the Colombian claimed in his speech, before he takes a communal shower and ends up immersed in a group of dancers with his live performance of his ‘Mama’s Theme.

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Several others have left their names registered for the first time at EMAs, such as Saweetie, the artist of revelation designated on Puerto Rico’s account. Raw Alejandro, while Olivia Rodrigo took the number allotted to the burgeoning personalities promoted by MTV (“Best Push”).

finally, Doja Cat y SZA They received the Best Collaboration Award for Kiss Me More and billie eilish Recognized “Video with a Positive Message” by “Your Power”.

After the 2020 pandemic hiatus And yesterday’s huge party at Heroes’ Square in Budapest with one republicThis was the first party with live performances, with time for young talents like the refined and fun Griff, for the mysterious live performance of the Norwegian Girl in Red or for YUNGBLUD.

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Other heavyweights, for example Ed Sheeran, were responsible for Open fire in a multicolored suit His band (both rare events) accompanied him to perform “Overpass Graffiti” and later “Shivers”.

In between, Saweetie took off, took to the stage and transformed into the new (polar) rap star, and imagine Dragons, Who helped rock the night with Maneskin, who performed their song “MAMMAMIA”, set another European theater on fire tonight.