June 19, 2024

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Music producer denies Leslie Shaw and his involvement in writing rock songs: “I wrote them alone”

Music producer denies Leslie Shaw and his involvement in writing rock songs: “I wrote them alone”

Francisco Morillas denies Leslie Shaw. (Image: IG Capture)

Leslie Shaw He has gained a new enemy. Since returning to Peru to promote her latest popular song “Colorada” He has received harsh criticism from other Peruvian artists. The translator of “La Valdita” devoted herself to attacking her colleagues, to make sure that none of them were at her level.

Likewise, in an interview with the podcast Carlos OrozcoThe blonde announced that she was unable to collect royalties from her rock songs, even though she herself financed her first albums, video clips and other expenses with the money she earned as a model.

“Now they tell me I’m well off, but I don’t come from a family with a lot of money, I earned it all on my own. And at that time there were no exchanges or anything. When I was 16 I recorded my own rock songs, did you? You think I’m getting royalties? Nothing. I just found out. “At the time I wasn’t a member of anything,” she said.

Leslie Shaw claims that she is satisfied with the success of her songs and her music career. | Infobae Peru / Richard Gomero

Francisco Morillas And upon hearing statements Leslie ShawShe decided to come forward and explain to the blonde that the first songs she recorded were her own, since she did not cooperate in composing these songs, as she said.

“The musical works created for the work in the rock project – Leslie Shaw, were written and composed by me alone, with the exception of the song ‘Don’, which is a song written and composed by Tonio Jauregi,” he wrote very annoyed.

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In this sense, Francisco Morillas These accusations were categorically rejected Leslie Shaw against him, stating that his career had been flawless thus far, and even showed a letter to the effect UpdikeWhich showed their support for his career as a composer.

“I have never during my artistic career been involved in this kind of problem, which is why I have to categorically reject the accusations against me, as I have a clean record in developing artists and contributing to music in my country. I must also deny that at no time has any lawyer contacted me.” From time to time, not by phone, email, or certified letters.”

Francisco Morillas publishes a statement.

Ezio Oliva He was one of the first to support Francisco MorillasPointing out that they have been working together for several years, indicating that the working relationship between them is one of absolute respect and seriousness, and he expressed his hope that they will be able to resolve this situation.

“I have been working with you for years and my only experience is absolute respect and seriousness on your part. I hope they can resolve this situation in the best way,” he noted.

He was the last to speak Arturo Bomarthe previous Sand hash. He noted that he once conducted an interview Leslie Shaw In Miami, although she seemed like a fairly assertive girl, it seemed to him that she had many deficiencies in professional moral judgment, as she told him that she decided to start recording urban music because she realized it was more commercial.

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He also mentioned that the blonde believes that her life is settled in Miami, something he does not know about, so every time she goes to Peru she says everything that comes to her mind, without thinking that her image might be tarnished by his. His country of origin.

“I interviewed her on my show here in Miami. She seemed to me to be a determined girl, but with some deficiencies when it comes to professional ethical judgment (such as saying in the middle of an interview: ‘I used to play rock and pop, but since reggaeton makes more… With the money, I started doing reggaeton.’ I think Leslie considers herself a signed singer, actress, and activist in Miami (something I’m not aware of), so she seems to think… “I tell the time in Miami and I no longer ‘live’ in Peru,” he said, “because I can say what comes to my mind.” Anywhere”.

Francisco Morillas receives support from other artists.