December 4, 2023

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Which domino is next?  Complete the sequence and solve the math challenge  Mexico

Which domino is next? Complete the sequence and solve the math challenge Mexico

Here you do not have to use formulas or develop simple or complex equations, you will simply have to use your ability to think and find the domino that follows in the sequence that we show in the chart. To make it more difficult Math challengeI will give you a maximum of 7 seconds.

I leave you a picture of the sports challenge

You have to analyze each square, because the only way to get the solution is to find the sequence pattern. Remember that this does not necessarily follow the order of the cards, as they can be sparse. If you give up, find the solution to this challenge below.

Sports Challenge | You must use your mental power to determine the next domino in this sequence. | Photo:

Find out the answer to the mathematical challenge

The next domino is 5/2, why? Well, when we analyze we determine that the result comes from the sequence that starts with the symbol 3/4. The next is 4/3, and is arranged in ascending and descending order. Therefore, the slide that follows 5/2.

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