July 5, 2022

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MyoSuite, the Meta AI platform capable of developing more advanced prosthetics

Since its change to Meta, Mark Zuckerberg has been radical in the direction it has given its operations, engaging in ambitious projects focused on different sectors.

In recent months, the company’s AI department has been working on developing solutions to enhance the sustainability of concrete production, as well as improving machine translation.

However, the focus of attention that leads us to this post has been placed on a project implemented by one of the AI ‚Äč‚Äčteams at Meta.

it’s about Mew’s suitewhich is a platform with a capacity of Create realistic simulation of skeletal muscles At speeds exceeding up to 4 thousand times the manufacturing process of the latest prosthetics.

According to Mark Zuckerbergthe general manager of Meta Corporation, once the forms are completed, they can undergo training so that they can carry out the movements they want Significantly repeats the mobility of their human counterparts.

For now, the use of MyoSuite has been considered from two different angles. The first involves the metaverse approach in which Meta sees the potential to take advantage of the potential that this platform offers to Avatar development It has a higher degree of realism and can be used in applications such as Horizon Worlds.

The other scenario comes from the field medicinewhere MyoSuite will be used for file Development of new prosthetics In addition, in addition to innovation, new technologies are implemented in the field of surgery and rehabilitation.

This is the example that prompted Meta to expand the capabilities of MyoSuite. It is worth noting that Meta is not the first company to take advantage of artificial intelligence to manufacture prosthetics, as already in 2019 there was a group of independent researchers who created a machine-learning system with which they were able to quickly calibrate a robotic knee to a patient.

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