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Myths and Realities of Invictus, a film about the 1995 Rugby World Cup final between South Africa and New Zealand.

Myths and Realities of Invictus, a film about the 1995 Rugby World Cup final between South Africa and New Zealand.

The plane flew over Ellis Park twice before the 1995 Rugby World Cup final

A few hours before the finals start Rugby World Cup France 2023 between South Africa And New ZealandThe multi-award winning film is impossible to ignore Invictus. It enabled Clint Eastwood And said path Springbox Towards the first consecration of its history in 1995 Anti-All Blacks united behind the desire for national unity after apartheid was dismantled.

But as with any work based on true events, certain details sometimes defy reality to give scenes or moments more impact. For example, one might think that A shot of a plane flying over Ellis Park was added to create a cinematic effect. But in fact, it actually happened. The film also captures the agony of the moment the ground crowd sees the plane flying so low. When people read the words “Good Luck Boke”. written on the bottom of the ship In support of the Springboks, cheers erupted.

He Boeing 747 Powered by Larry KSouth African Airways and Flyover It was scheduled a week in advance.. There were no passengers on board but a small crew and the route was planned out of extreme caution. Unfortunately, the protagonist of the moment Died in April 2013 heart attack In the Kruger National Park in northeastern South Africa, he participated in aerial surveillance against rhino poachers.

Morgan Freeman as Nelson Mandela and Matt Damon as Francois Pinard

Matt Damon He captained the team and was responsible for playing the role of scrum-half Francois Pienar. to prepare, The actor met the ex-player at his home in South Africa And realized that he is a big built person with a height of 1.91 meters. After several hours of conversation, to explore the character as best as possible, the 1.78 meter Hollywood star approached Clint Eastwood about the problem of height difference.

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One of the fun facts about Invictus When put to the table to discuss how to solve the problem, the veteran film director outlined a powerful phrase: “You worry about everything, I take care of it.”. The head of the film organization solved the problem by using special camera angles Matt looks so big than actually exists. Damon underwent intensive and specific training to prepare Gardens Rugby Club.

Another important tactic used was to show stadiums full when in fact they weren’t: Only 2,000 were ever used. The film also features the participation of a former player Springbox McNeill HendrixWho is playing the role? Chester Williams. Division has a fundamental role Invictus, Because there was He was the only non-white player in the South African national team in 1995. The film captures everything Williams must have gone through. However, his performance on the field dispelled all doubts and competition against the competition Samoa In the quarter-final, he scored four tries.

Morgan Freeman, a friend of Mandela’s, prepared his performance by watching videos of the president’s appearances to perfect his accent and delivery. But the most difficult part is imitating the charm and the actor admits to the difficulty. “I wanted to avoid acting like him, I wanted to be him and that was the biggest challenge. When you meet him, you know you’re in the presence of an exceptional presence, but it’s something that simply emerges. “I’m not sure I can explain the magic,” he explained. In addition, he had to change his writing hand to respect even the smallest details: Morgan was left-handed but You have to play the role of learning to write with your right hand Like the South African leader.

The matches were filmed at the famous Ellis Park with 2,000 real spectators (Image: Reuters)

Another important detail is that the film’s title comes from the poem “”.Invictus”, written by the British poet William Ernest Henley In 1875, while the author was in the hospital, he was about to have his leg amputated. These words inspired Nelson Mandela throughout his years in prison for his struggle against apartheid. The former president died on December 5, 2013 at the age of 95, but he is remembered to this day for proudly embodying this historic decision. “One Team, One Country” through the 1995 Rugby World Cup.

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The film got a good response which no one expected. All over the planet except for one corner: New Zealand. This nation is recognized as the most iconic team in the discipline, but its citizens are not fond of entertainment. First, the final that South Africa won was precisely played against All blacksSo They don’t have great memories of that date.. Before playing the final, the New Zealand players suffered from food poisoning, causing several players to vomit throughout the final. Clint Eastwood and his crew decided Leaving that point out of the film further displeased the islanders.

The director allowed his son to be a part of the project: Scott Eastwood plays Joel Stransky, one of the South African national team players. This opening was fundamental in sanctifying South Africa He scored 15 points Springbox to defeat the All Blacks in extra time in the final.