June 23, 2024

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Natalia Subtil confirmed that there is a “presence” on MasterChef Celebrity;  Cameras caught a mysterious light

Natalia Subtil confirmed that there is a “presence” on MasterChef Celebrity; Cameras caught a mysterious light

The model recounted the supernatural experience that happened to her on more than one occasion during the reality show. (YouTube MasterChef screenshot)

Everything happens in the most famous Mexican cuisine, from celebrity-chef squabbles, accidents, nostalgic moments and even paranormal experiments. In episode number twelve Natalie precise He talked about the mysterious moments he experienced during his stay Celebrity MasterChef 2024.

After being eliminated from the twelfth place, the model gave an interview that was broadcast at the end of the episode, in which she said that at a certain point during the recording she felt… Distinctive presence Which the team was already aware of. Well, this wasn’t the first time Natalia had faced something similar.

Natalia said she felt accompanied during the competition. (Master Chef Mix)

“I’m very sensitive and I love… that even in Mexico they have a very beautiful culture of the dead. That life goes on, it doesn’t end here. And I felt the smell of flowers but it’s very strong, as if the flowers were here (in my nose). And I turned around and there were no flowers. And in That, the next day, the photographer said: “We captured the light passing in front of you, I recorded it and when he told me that I understood that I was leaving… they came for me.”

Subtil confirmed that the smell of flowers she noticed was like a presence accompanying her and she realized that her time on the reality show was over. “Okay, I’ll go, and I’ll go quietly,” said the famous woman. “And now in the montage, we had to cut. I didn’t feel anything, it was a sweeter smell,” the photographer said.In short, the spirit passed again‘. “We had to cut it off and start over.”

“I think it’s a beautiful thing, I think there are beings of light or maybe a family member who came to be with you because that moment could have been very difficult for you. Because obviously I wanted to continue on MasterChef, I feel like it was a nice farewell. We came for you, go home quietly…”

Subtil accepted his elimination calmly and peacefully. (Screenshot of YouTube Celebrity MasterChef)

In the final challenge, they competed, Gropero King, Rossana Najera, Harold, Ernest Natalia, the latter, is one of the expelled women who was unable to sneak into the final. The famous Brazilian was unable to convince the chefs on this occasion, because her dish titled “Pigs” did not contain any Proper cooking of pork She remained dry. Likewise, the judges highlighted that it was missing a wet ingredient or sauce.

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Those continuing the race to be the best in MasterChef Celebrity 2024 are: Jawy Méndez, Laura Bozzo, Litzy, Rossana Nájera, Rey Grupero, Ernesto Cázares, Ferka and Harold Azuara.