June 20, 2024

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Nation / New Zealand hosted the world's first and largest concert during the plague

Nation / New Zealand hosted the world’s first and largest concert during the plague

A historic moment in New York’s post-epidemic recovery, Broadway celebrated the return of some of its biggest concerts after an 18 – month shutdown from the Corona virus.

Hamilton, Evil, The Lion King And Chicago They resume their activities for the joy and relief of the industry and theater lovers.

“Broadway is back, it’s fun for everyone,” said Jenny Milanowski, who traveled with her daughter from Boston in hopes of seeing her. Hamilton.

They checked in at a hotel in front of the Richard Rodgers Theater, where it was screened Hamilton, So Milanowski can come in line at five in the morning about 14 hours before the screen opens to buy tickets.

At 10:15 a.m., a cancellation allowed him to get the ticket he needed. “I really like this show. I’ve seen it 11 times. Today’s energy is amazing,” Milanowski predicted.

Broadway theaters gradually reopened throughout September, but some of the most popular shows of the week returned simultaneously.

In May, former Governor Andrew Cuomo set September 14 as the date for the reopening of Broadway. All spectators must be vaccinated, artists, stage and theater staff, while spectators must wear masks throughout the show.

Theater fans said they knew they needed to be vaccinated and, despite concerns about a more contagious delta variant, felt they could safely return to the show.

You do not have to worry about those who do not wear masks. If they don’t, they will be kicked out of the show, ”said Maddie, Milanowski’s 18-year-old daughter.

Photo: AFP.

Around the corner of the Broadway box office in Times Square, Angela Mecca, 65, admitted, pointing to a sign in her wallet saying “fully vaccinated, slightly intoxicated.”

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“I think it’s very convenient. We have copies of our vaccine cards, which we can get without problem at two restaurants in New York, so it’s okay,” he said. Went from Buffalo to New York to see Employee A show reopened earlier this month.

“We try to come see two plays every year, so re-opening is wonderful. We lost her and there is no such feeling,” she said.

Broadway generated about $ 33 million a week in sales from 31 shows before the Govt-19 hit the Big Apple in March 2020, causing a sudden shutdown and thousands of people losing their jobs.

Broadway is re-launching shows in a city that still suffers from a severe shortage of tourists representing two-thirds of the audience. Nonetheless the authorities and theaters believe that New Yorkers and visitors to the city will be eager to see the live theater again.

“This is a great night to come back from New York,” Mayor Bill de Blasio celebrated. “Broadway is in our hearts and souls.”

Source: From a speech by Peter Hutchison (AFP).