July 2, 2022

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NATO is considering deploying troops to Sweden and Finland for the duration of the accession process |  Russia |  Vladimir Putin world

NATO is considering deploying troops to Sweden and Finland for the duration of the accession process | Russia | Vladimir Putin world

Secretary General of Jens Stoltenberg indicated that the military organization is considering increasing its presence in the Baltic region and even deploying forces in Sweden and Finland, to ensure the security of the two Scandinavian countries from the moment they progress to join the Atlantic Alliance.

In the midst of discussion about joining Sweden s Finland to me NATOand doubts about the months of ratification in which the condition of mutual defense could not be invoked, leaving it unprotected from reprisals from Russia, Stoltenberg He said allies are “aware” of this concern and are working to provide candidates with security guarantees.

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“There will be a temporary time between applying and joining the full membership. It is clear that the membership Sweden and Finland Does it matter NATO We will look for ways to provide security guarantees, including increasing the presence of NATO In the Baltic region, around Sweden and Finland, and of course in consultation with them.”As he claimed.

For all these reasons, the political head of NATO He announced that he was ready to hold talks with both candidates to discuss increasing this transition period Military presence in the region “land, sea and air”.In addition to increasing cooperation against cyber threats.

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In any case, the former Norwegian prime minister has defended that allies are committed to a speedy process and has already promised to speed up the ratification process, ensuring that “all members” NATO They are aware of the “historic scale” of the step that Helsinki and Stockholm will take.

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Next to, Stoltenberg Highlighted at the press conference that ‘Ukraine can win this war’. Russia’s war in Ukraine will not go as Moscow expected. They failed to take kyiv. They withdraw from the outskirts of Kharkov and attack in Donbass paralyzed Russia “It does not achieve its strategic goals,” he said.

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Stoltenberg Thus he cited the “courageous” defense of the Ukrainian forces and the aid of the Allies “in billions of dollars”. He stressed that all this means “strengthening the defensive deterrence capacity of NATO.”

For her part, the host of the meeting, German Foreign Minister Annallina Prebückel, noted that Germany will “do everything” so that there is no “gray zone” in the way of Sweden and Finland for the military alliance, which assumes the weakness of both Scandinavian countries.

Turkey likely to shut down

in this way, Stoltenberg It also responded to the concerns expressed by Turkey, which threatens to prevent entry to Sweden and Finland Allegations of links between the two countries and the Kurdistan Workers’ Party, which Ankara considers a terrorist organization.

The Secretary-General, after making various contacts, confirmed the intention turkey It is “not a bar” from the entry process into Helsinki and Stockholm, in any case it has been opened to address her concerns with the Turkish authorities, “so that it cannot delay the process”.

“We’ve shown that we can sit down and come to terms,” ​​he said, noting that his plan is to forge a unit soon that would allow rapid entry of the Finland s Sweden in the Atlantic Alliance.

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On the sidelines of the meeting in Berlin, Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu defended his principled support for the Turkish government’s open door policy. NATO Although he highlighted allegations that both countries are providing assistance to the PKK.

It’s not that we are against NATO expansion, but that people who meet terrorists can’t belong here, and we keep it that way. “The Turkish minister argued, while also pointing to the country’s restrictions on military exports.

NATO foreign ministers met on Saturday and Sunday in Berlin At an informal summit, they discussed how to continue coordinating military support to Ukraine In the face of Russian aggression, with the debate about Sweden and Finland join In full swings.