July 14, 2024

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Netflix admits that Eiichiro Oda did not like the One Piece series and the changes that were made

Netflix admits that Eiichiro Oda did not like the One Piece series and the changes that were made

Live event series one piece It ended up being a success, making fans of the original manga anime fall in love and enticing countless new audiences to fully immerse themselves in the adventures of the Straw Hat Crew. Netflix has adapted the original fairly faithfully, bringing together the key narrative components that make up the first arc of Monkey D. Luffy’s story, East Blue. However, the writers had to fight against all odds to convince Eiichiro Oda to implement a series of changes and modifications. Steven MaedaSeries director, He revealed in an interview the changes that initially convinced Oda the least Which he opposed in the first place.

One Piece series director claims that Eiichiro Oda was against placing Garp as a central character from the beginning

“There were some things I needed to convince Oda of,” Maeda began. “If he didn’t like something at all, we changed it, but there were also things we wanted to try in the series that we did He didn’t agree at first, but in the end we convinced him. “We developed some elements that came up later, like Garp,” the series director continued, noting that the character played by Vincent Reagan was one of the points that sparked the most discussion between Oda and Netflix.We made Garp a more present character in these first strips“Maeda explained his relationship with Helmeppo and Coby, and his pursuit of Luffy since the second episode,” the presenter added.

It was a big change and I think we needed it to show the band’s journey Not only was this a fun adventure with different pirates playing the villains, but there was also an organization feared to be after Luffy. It was a big challenge to convince him“Finally, the character of Garp is a core part of the series. one piece From her first bars. The changes added to the character, especially in his appearance, are perfect for the Western version of the story, and enable Regan to create his own Marine who causes so many headaches for the Straw Hats and His companions. Direct action for one piece It is available in full on Netflix.