November 30, 2023

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What to bring to take better care of yourself

What to bring to take better care of yourself

September, like January, is… Initiation stage We can take advantage of this generated momentum to incorporate a good habit, or why not get rid of the one that does not benefit us.

If you have considered Improve your dietYou don’t need to think about following a strict diet. By incorporating a simple habit we can make our diet change little by little and with a simple change we get a huge benefit.

Our routine and rhythm of life will determine the way we eat, because we depend on the time we have and good organization. The problem is that the whirlwind of work and home often makes it difficult for us to achieve our goal. But what if instead of proposing radical change, we thought… Little change?

In terms of food, our health is equivalent to what we buy, so it is easy to state that our consumption habits will determine our health and body weight. Therefore, making a conscious purchase that focuses on less processed foods and products will have an impact on our health.

For example, the simple action of reducing the purchase of processed foods can be a big step toward creating a change in eating habits without practically realizing it.

That’s simple Consumption habit It can help us not only reduce the consumption of refined sugars which we have talked about many times, but we will also reduce the consumption of unhealthy fats and salt, which together are a cause Many diseases Which floods primary care medical consultations and this in turn is responsible for the increase in consumption of medications for these diseases.

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Moreover, reducing cConsumption of processed foods It will also mean economic savings in the short term (in the long term, medical and pharmaceutical expenses are very high), so it’s an added bonus for this simple change. So, if you want to make a change in your health or lose a few pounds that you gained in the summer and if it is difficult for you, you can start by changing the way you shop.

Take some time to organize your menu, create a shopping list containing only fresh and seasonal foods and find space to cook. Even if at first you prepare simpler recipes, little by little you will be able to try new ones. You will certainly find on social networks a lot that motivates you. You will see that in just one month you will see positive changes with little effort.

The good thing is that one positive habit leads to another. Take advantage of this motivation to set other goals, such as ordering less food at home or… Walk to work This way you will be able to improve your health without appreciating the great efforts.

You can learn more about Elisa Escorioela through her Instagram account: @eliescorihuela his work in Nut Nutrition Center And in his book “Nutritional therapy.”