December 9, 2023

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Djokovic, screaming in his box and the importance of mental health

Djokovic, screaming in his box and the importance of mental health

number two in the world, Novak Djokovic qualifies for the US Open semi-finals after defeating American Taylor Fritz in straight sets. A match in which the Serbian completely dominated, but in which he also experienced moments of uncertainty, tension and anger, especially during the third set.

In response to a question in a press conference about the remainder of the match, the Balkan player, who achieved his 250th victory against the top 10 tennis players and achieved the record for the number of semi-finals in Grand Slam tournaments (47), expressed his happiness at achieving a new achievement. Victory. And He spoke at length about the importance of mental health in tennis and his usual shouts towards his team.

“I care about this profession and take it seriously, as do many other players. We, the players, expect the greatest dedication and participation from our team members, just as they expect the best from us.. The intensity is there. In the heat of the match, obviously you can do different things on the pitch. But in general We are a team united in good times and bad, and I am grateful to have the team I have.. We have had tremendous success in recent years,” began Novak, who will regain the ATP throne as of next Monday, displacing Carlos Alcaraz to second place.

He admitted that he is not a docile tennis player but emphasized that his way of being and competing always helps him push himself to the limit. “I may be a tough gamer, but who isn’t? I don’t know a player at the highest level who is so calm and everything is flowers and musicHe said with a smile, and continued: “It must be a challenge for everyone, the player and the coaching staff, otherwise there will be no growth.” I think that This is the way to push each other to the limits. “And I really understand how the game can evolve, and how you can improve on and off the field.”

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Djokovic is perhaps the tennis player with the best head on the court. The 36-year-old, who has a career full of glory, said his life today is very different than it was 10 years ago, and “mentally I have more things to deal with in my private life.” He explained in this context: “I am a father of two children. There are many things that happen off the field that are obviously part of my life and affect my mental and emotional state in one way or another.. I need to know how to deal with all of these things and create an effective formula. At the moment, everything is going well.”

The Serbian, who will play his thirteenth semi-final at the US Open, where he won the tournament three times (2011, 205 and 2018), stressed the importance of mental health in white sports and stressed that “I try to enjoy the moments on the field, but there is so much tension and pressure that it is difficult to enjoy, so to speak, on the field“.

“Mental health is a topic that has been talked about a lot in the last three or four years, which makes me happy. They need to be addressed appropriately so that players properly understand what they are going through and then get the necessary help and guidance to overcome certain obstacles.. “Because tennis players, at the end of the day, are human beings,” reflected the 23-time Grand Slam champion.

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His next challenge will be Frances Tiafoe (10th) or Ben Shilton (47th). All US Open action can be followed exclusively on ESPN and STAR+.