December 9, 2023

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Why does India want to change its name?

Why does India want to change its name?

India will be launching a new name in a few days, it will be called Bharat and the truth is, it sounds good.

Before becoming a sovereign nation, India was a colony administered by Great Britain/Bexels

Recently, India has been on everyone’s lips. Its national space agency has been able to determine the before and after of space exploration. India managed to land on the South Pole of the Moon long before NASA. Not only that, he also succeeded in completing the task in one week. now The country has been in the news because it wants to change its name, and there will be no more India.

Although this is not usually common, or at least only happens every indefinite period of time, countries do not usually change their official names. For this to happen, momentous events, usually independence or unification, must occur. I’m sure we’re all thinking The situation that existed after the Soviet Union When many new countries emerged.

India will stop calling itself India, but it has its reasons

The case of India is different, although the story with the above example could be relevant, which clearly bridges the gap. India has been called that name over the decades. The name comes from Matthew exactly The British Empire controlled this region It established a colonial government.

“The crown jewel” because of the riches it contains, It remained under British rule until 1947, immediately after World War II. From here, India became sovereign, but it maintained the name given to it by the English over the centuries.

Now, in light of changing international relations, India wants to change its name. In fact, so It has already done so in light of the upcoming international summit Which will be held in the capital, New Delhi, on September 9 and 10. The summit brings together senior members The well-known G20 Who meet to discuss political and economic issues.

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What is the change? And also huffpostIndia has sent invitations adding Its new name is nothing more and nothing less than spices. According to these documents sent to those present, they should refer to the President of the Republic, Draupadi Murmu, As ‘Chief Bharat’.

The truth is, it sounds good and it’s a logical, logical change. “Bharat” is nothing but “India” in Hindi, the official language (along with English) of India. It is clear that the authorities want to separate themselves from the remnants of the colonial past that still burden them.

So far all that is known. We will have to wait for the specified days and then To see if the name change also translates into category changes From institutions. Maybe the word “India” will disappear from banknotes and coins, we will have to see.